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Watch out Google Pixel 7 owners: your camera glass may spontaneously combust

The issue seems to the result of a manufacturing defect

Photo credit: Robert Plant

Some Google Pixel 7 users around the world are experiencing an unfortunate phenomenon: the glass covering their camera lens spontaneously shatters, leaving what looks like a nasty bullet hole in what used to be a sleek glass covering. Per Ars Technica’s reporting, this freak occurence isn’t unique to the Pixel 7, as some other phone models (notably the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S10) have experienced this defect, which, in Samsung’s case, resulted in class-action lawsuits.

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It’s important to point out that this glass shattering does not involve any drops, bumps, or other mishandlings by the user. It happens on its own, and appears to be the result of imperfections in the process of stressing the glass via compression to make it resistant to scratching. Unfortunately, the result is far worse than a few scratches. Compounding the issue is reports that Google is refusing to cover the issue under their warranty, causing the phone owners to foot the hefty repair bill.

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