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What is the Dell Pari magnetic webcam?

Is this this wireless webcam concept the solution to Zoom eye contact?

The tech press is weighing in on the Dell Pari wireless magnetic webcam which should be on the booth at CES along with some other Dell hybrid work concepts which the company calls “seamless work experiences”. (In addition to the webcam we get Concept Stanza which is a kind of auxiliary screen note-taking device and Concept Flow which addresses how people move from space to space, again “seamlessly”).

The idea behind the Dell Pari wireless magnetic webcam concept is that you can affix it to your monitor at eye-level allowing you to maintain eye contact and see your notes simultaneously. Note that Pari doesn’t work with your current monitor–you’ll need one with magnets built in. (But I already wanted one of those for my fridge magnets). Here’s one of the best overviews–C.Low at Engadet’s hands on.

“After countless mockups featuring flashlights, adhesives, suction cups, and magnets later, Concept Pari was created,” Dell Technologies client solutions group CTO Glen Robson said in a blog post.

Ars Technica’s Scharon Harding had a lightly snarky take, remembering the ill-fated Dell Nose cam of the past.

Here’s Dell’s pitch for “seamless work experiences” with Concept Pari, Concept Stanza and Concept Flow.

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