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August 1999

August 1999


SHOOTING FISH in a barrel

Alan Kruglak

In 1986, our company was awarded a contract to provide low-voltage systems for Sprint (previously GTE Sprint) nationwide. Of course, there was a simple…


Mitek purchases Atlas-Soundolier

Cindy Scullin

Mitek has finalized the purchase of Atlas-Soundolier, including the Atlas-Soundolier tradename, its brands, Atlas Sound and Soundolier, company patents…

Electronic Integrated Solutions changes name

Cindy Scullin

Electronic Integrated Solutions (EIS) has become the Intellisys Group and has acquired Higginbotham Enterprises, Alford Media Sales, Digital Networks,…

Navitar acquires G.M. Vacuum Coating Laboratory

Cindy Scullin

Navitar Coating Labs has purchased G.M. Vacuum Coating Laboratory, Newport Beach, CA. After the acquisition, Navitar has facilities in California, Florida,…

Maxell expands

Cindy Scullin

Maxell Corporation of America has expanded its U.S. headquarters facilities in Fair Lawn, NJ. The company’s facilities have increased by 6,500 ft2 (603.6…

Vengeance Cable ships cables

Cindy Scullin

Headquartered at 119 Amboy Ave. in Edison, NJ, with an additional warehouse and distribution facilities in Longwood, FL, Vengeance Cable Company is now…

Raper & Wayman clarification

Cindy Scullin

In the December 1998 issue of S&VC, Raper & Wayman announced a restructuring into separate divisions and the acquisition of Connectronics. The arrangement…

Acoustic Dimensions has new address

Cindy Scullin

Acoustic Dimensions announces a new city name and zip code. The address is now 15505 Wright Brothers Drive, Suite 5, Addison, TX 75001. Contact at (972)…

Avio Digital formed

Cindy Scullin

Avio Digital ( has been formed to develop and deliver technology solutions for distributing media throughout the home. Eugene Van…

Companies unite to establish specification

Cindy Scullin

Companies spanning the PC, communications and consumer electronics industries have formed a working group to develop a specification for wireless communications…

Pittway acquires King Alarm

Cindy Scullin

Pittway Corporation announces that its subsidiary, Ademco Distribution, has acquired the assets of King Alarm Distributors, a distributor of burglar alarm,…

ACE Audiovisual opens new office

Cindy Scullin

ACE audiovisual has recently opened an office on Route 1 in Princeton, NJ. The office features a showroom, service department and rental department. Contact…

Velodyne launches new division

Cindy Scullin

Velodyne Acoustics has launched a new division, Velodyne Silicon Systems (VSS), to market its digital amplification technology to audio equipment manufacturers…

DMX establishes new offices

Cindy Scullin

DMX, a subsidiary of TCI Music, opened sales offices in Chicago and Detroit. The new offices are headed by Walt Tatum, Ron Hynning, Don Stockfleth (Chicago)…

Listen offers lifetime warranty

Cindy Scullin

Listen Technologies now offers a limited lifetime warranty program for its FM assistive listening products. This warranty guarantees Listen products for…

Magnum Cable moves

Cindy Scullin

Magnum Cable has moved to 5250 Naiman Parkway Solon, OH 44139. The company also announced an increase in staff size. Contact by phone at 440-519-3333…

AMX links with Lectrosonics

Cindy Scullin

AMX announces that Lectrosonics has created the PT3 Protocol Translator, which includes a built-in AMX AXlink network port. This allows Lectrosonics LecNet…

CAIG Laboratories moves

Cindy Scullin

CAIG Laboratories has moved to 12200 Thatcher Court, Poway, CA 92064-6876. Contact by phone at 619-486-8388 or 800-CAIG-123 or by fax at 619-486-8398….

Intelligent Electronic Solutions changes name

Cindy Scullin

Intelligent Electronic Solutions changed its name to FutureSmart Networks, highlighting the new focus of the company and its products….

Telect resctructures

Cindy Scullin

Telect has launched its Signal Management Group to focus on marketing the company’s comprehensive A-V product line to the broadcast and entertainment…

Harman changes management of UK companies

Cindy Scullin

The structure of the Harman Pro Group Companies located in the UK has changed. Soundcraft, Spirit, BSS, C Audio Amek, DAR, and Allen and Heath will be…

SCM Microsystems and Philips Digital Video Systems team

Cindy Scullin

SCM Microsystems and Philips Digital video Systems have cooperated on the development and deployment of OpenCable compliant Conditional Access (CA) modules…

True Audio moves

Cindy Scullin

True Audio, a software developer and publisher, has moved all operations from Escondido, CA to 387 Duncan Lane, Andersonville, TN 37705. Contact by phone…

EEM 1999 released on the Internet

Cindy Scullin

Hearst Business Communications has released the 1999 EEM/Electronic Engineers Master on the Internet at with the 1999 EEM CD-ROM…

Phonic Ear offers program

Cindy Scullin

Phonic Ear’s HOW! Program features videos and brochures that demonstrate the need for hearing assistance and allows churches to sample a system for 30…

Mackie launches new division

Cindy Scullin

Mackie Designs has formed Mackie Industrial, a division dedicated to designing families of products specifically for the installed sound contractor. Headed…

Wireworks product awarded

Cindy Scullin

Wireworks’ computer controlled TEC256 multipin cable tester was awarded “LDI Sound Product of the Year/Honorable Mention” by Lighting Dimensions and Entertainment…

Richardson acquires Adler Video Systems

Cindy Scullin

The Richardson Electronics security systems strategic business unit has acquired Adler Video Systems, a Southern California-based stocking distributor…

Production Lighting Systems joins PRG lighting group

Cindy Scullin

Production Resource Group has acquired the television lighting firm, Production Lighting Systems (PLS). California-based PLS is the first company in the…

Video Projections

INFOCOMM ’99: a review

Pete Putman

This year’s running of INFOCOMM had more product announcements, marketing alliances and technology demonstrations packed into a three-day period than…

Security Trends

HOME AUTOMATION: and the power line carrier

Steve Filippini

The term home automation conjures images of futuristic, robotic dwellings right out of a science fiction movie. In fact, home automation has been around…



Alan Kruglak

A number of questions have arisen regarding my feature, “A Question of Balance,” published in the May 1999 issue of S&VC. Generic video baluns do not…

Diving in

Jared Blankenship

The residential market poses unique challenges that seem to require a similarly unique approach, and according to S&VC’s 1998 Reader Profile Survey, 29%…

The Surface

June Lee and Jim Scrivner

Most homeowners live with increasingly obsolete traditional wiring – the electrical wiring and telephone wiring standard in houses. Older houses use CAT…

Fiber Optics In the Home

Irwin Math

Fiber-optic technology is well known in telecommunications, local area networks, the CCTV security marketplace and in many Intelligent Transportation…

Room with a view

Sharon Christopherson

Setting up a home theater with a front-projection system can range from a simple job to a complex installation. This is a step-by-step guide to front-projection…

A flat response

Peter Mapp

The loudspeaker, as we know it, has been around for some 70 years. In that time, it has undergone a myriad of refinements. Today, however, we have pretty…

A generalized treatment for the mathematical relationships that existbetween Q and bandwidth expressed in octaves for bandpass filters.

Dennis A. Bohn

Analog and digital audio designers daily confront every imaginable aspect of active and passive filters. Most often, these are bandpass filters partially…

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