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Signal Distribution: Facebook Auto Marketing Summit

Event technology-specialist PSAV provided the complete AV system to deliver the presentation.

Signal Distribution: Facebook Auto Marketing Summit

Sep 16, 2014 9:24 PM

At Thunder Studios in Long Beach, Calif., Facebook organized its last Auto Marketing Summit. PSAV, an event technology specialist, provided the complete AV system to deliver the presentation.

To provide Hollywood sound stage a look and feel to the event, the extra-wide cyclorama wall available in the Thunder Studios space was used to create an all-around video experience. “The main concern was a system capable of creating a seamless blend across six projectors to utilize the massive 225ft.-long cyc wall that existed in the space as a projection surface,” says Mark Pollard, technical director of event operations at Facebook.

In addition to the seamless video projection and mapping, the event required substantial flexibility and routing options to provide for multiple output destinations, including confidence monitors and live records.

With these requirements in mind, PSAV provided a complete setup including video, audio, and lighting systems. In terms of video, six Christie 10K projectors were used: four were dedicated to the main blend, and two were used for side projections.

A variety of sources were used including two Sony HXC-100 HD cameras, four Mac Book Pro’s for Graphics, two Mac Book Pro’s running PlayBack Pro, and two Mac Book Pro’s running video mapping.

To deal with the multiple sources and manage the 225’x25’ seamless video projection, PSAV opted for Analog Way’s Ascender 32, a 12×4+1 multiscreen seamless switcher. “The Ascender 32 is easy to use and navigate, and it features plenty of inputs for all sources and four outs,” says Brian Tobin, regional technical director at PSAV.

The Ascender 32’s form factor was also a key asset for the show. One Ascender 32 unit was used to drive the main four-projector blend, while another unit ran the two independent side projectors as well as two different downstage confidence monitors. The show included a background layer run from a video playback machine, and multiple PIPs with PowerPoint presentations or videos.

To offer high visual impact, PSAV used several effects embedded in the Ascender 32, including the Dynamic Fit in order to blow a video up from a PIP to filling the whole blend screen.

To control the show, PSAV used Analog Way’s Web RCS, a web-based Remote Control Software designed for the Ascender 32 and the other models of the LiveCore series. “It was particularly nice being able to hook up my laptop to a wireless access point and stand next to the blend while adjusting it,” Tobin says. The capability of having multiple users connected to the Web RCS allowed Tobin to connect a second laptop for fine-tuning: “Due to the complexity of the show, I wanted more control. I simply hooked up a second laptop and was able to seamlessly work from either one.”

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