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Winner of Cardi B’s $100k mic doesn’t pay up, owner exploring options for charity

$99,900 was to be split between Wounded Warrior Project and Friendship Circle Las Vegas

It appears the story of the microphone that rapper Cardi B hurled at a concertgoer is not yet over. We previously reported that the mic that was captured in a viral video had been auctioned off, bringing in nearly $100,000 for charity. Scott Fischer, owner of The Wave production group and the person that put the mic up for auction, has announced that the winning bidder never paid up. As the proceeds from the auction were set to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and Friendship Circle Las Vegas, Fischer says he’s still exploring his options, whether that be sending a purchase offer to the next highest bidder, or simply selling the piece of memorabilia (and working Shure Axient) privately. For his trouble, LM Cases in Ohio sent Fischer a posh microphone case to house the mic for whoever winds up winning it.


Image: TikTok/@j_blizzyy/Scott Fisher


The following was originally published August 10, 2023:

A couple of weeks ago, a clip of rapper Cardi B went viral that showed the performer throwing her microphone at a concertgoer that doused her with a cup of water. While Cardi B found herself the subject of some bad publicity as a result of the stunt, she may have inadvertently created a huge donation to two good causes in the meantime.

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The incident took place during a performance at Drai’s Beach Club in Las Vegas, with audio production company The Wave handling production duties. Not long after the mic throw heard around the world, The Wave’s owner, Scott Fischer, put the microphone up for auction. One week later, the microphone has sold for a staggering $99,900. Fischer notes in the item’s description that the mic, a Shure Axient, retails for $1,000 and is still in working condition. According to Fischer, the near-$100,000 proceeds from the auction will be split between two charities: Wounded Warrior Project, which services veterans in need, as well as Friendship Circle Las Vegas, a local non-profit that serves children, teens, and young adults with special needs and their families.


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