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Disneyland guests get a well-lit look at dark ride when Peter Pan’s Flight breaks down

It’s amazing what the proper lighting can do to to really bring home any immersive experience, with a recent case in point being Disneyland’s beloved Peter Pan’s Flight ride.


Ride breaks down at Disney – but who’s Bill @Disney Parks?! #disneyfail #disney #fail #rollercoaster #whydoesbillsuck #mystery

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During a recent trip to Disneyland, Tik Tok user @awkward_andy was stranded mid-voyage to Neverland as the suspension ride came to an unexpected stop. Technicians needed to flip on the lights to resolve the issue, crushing the magic of the (previously) dark ride. The exposed wires and presence of employees walking around the miniature models certainly removed some of the magic, as did some graffiti tucked in the rafters referencing a mysterious person named Bill.

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The clip of the ride’s exposed nuts and bolts has gone viral, with many people enamored with their peek behind the curtain. The video’s comments run the range of displeasure to fascination, but the main question on everyone’s minds seems to be, who the heck is Bill, and what did he do?

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