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WATCH: 45 foot dragon catches fire at Disneyland

No injuries were reported, but Maleficent is looking worse for wear

Video has emerged of the firestorm that broke out at Disneyland on Saturday. The fire occurred during ‘Fantasmic,’ a live performance show that features pyrotechnics, water displays, and a 45 foot fire-breathing dragon. Maleficent, the dragon in question, experienced a malfunction that caused its head to catch fire, as shown in the footage.

As the fire quickly spread over the rest of the dragon, Disney employees could be heard ushering the crowd to leave the area over loudspeaker, as “the show cannot continue due to unforeseen circumstances.” While no injuries were reported, the area immediately surrounding the show was evacuated due to wind carrying the plumes of smoke throughout the premises.

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Disney says that the cause of the fire is currently under investigation, and that any fire effects to be used in shows will be suspended at all Disney parks due to ‘an abundance of caution.’


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