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Google rolls out Duet AI for its Workspace apps–for a price

While "generally available," pricing is still being figured out for smaller organizations.

Earlier this year, Google unveiled its new bundle of AI assistant features, which it has dubbed Duet AI. Now, the company has officially rolled out the assistant across its Workspace apps, including Gmail, Drive, Docs, and more, provided you’re willing to pay $30 a month.

Duet AI functions differently depending on the app being used. For instance, it can read and summarize documents for you in Docs, whereas in Sheets, you could ask it to convert data from a spreadsheet into a graph. In Gmail, you could have Duet AI give you ideas on how to respond to an email, or simply use it as an advanced spell-check and thesaurus. The company is positioning the new features to be a boon for hybrid workers, stating, “We’re putting Duet AI in Google Meet to help ensure you look and sound your best with studio look, studio lighting, and studio sound. And because sometimes it’s hard for remote participants to see everyone in the conference room, or their colleagues appear far away and out of focus, we’re rolling out dynamic tiles and face detection that give attendees in a meeting room their own video tile with their name.”

See also: Microsoft bringing Copilot AI to “the center of Windows.”

It’s important to note that the $30 monthly subscription fee for Duet AI is currently the per-user rate for large businesses, as Google Head of Workspace Aparna Pappu commented to CNBC that the company hasn’t finalized pricing for smaller organizations yet. Still, the current monthly rate is consistent with Duet AI’s most obvious competitor, Microsoft Copilot.

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