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LG’s Miraclass line of LED screens takes aim at the movie theater market

Miraclass screens are currently available across 4 sizes and 2 resolutions

LG is looking to make waves in the world of cinema with the release of their new Miraclass line. Targeted specifically at the small-to-mid movie theater market, the Miraclass brand is made up of LED screens that aims to bring viewers the best imaging experience while also appealing to theater operators by emphasizing ease of use.

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Each Miraclass model is made of self-emissive LED pixels, ensuring seams are not visible to the audience, while offering 24-bit color processing. LG touts the Miraclass line as being able to display 68.7 billion color variations, and claims outstanding contrast, brightness, and clarity to allow viewers to enjoy a premium movie-watching experience. The line its self consists of four different models that come in either 4K or 2K resolution, and consist of size options from 150 square feet all the way to 1087 square feet. Senior Vice President and Head of Information Display at LG Electronics Paik Ki-mun has confirmed that additional lines and models will be made available in the future to accommadate the needs of a wider variety of theaters.

LG is looking to impress theater owners and operators with the Miraclass’ options and ease of use. The fact that it an LED display eliminates the need for projection rooms, allowing for more efficient use of the theater’s space. Screen brightness can be toggled among one of five stages, from 28 to 300 nits, opening up a wide array of use cases.

Miraclass screens have been installed in Spain, but are in the process of coming to theaters across North America, Asia, and Europe.

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