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LG’s StanbyME Go TV-in-a-suitcase is coming to the US

Available later this month for $1000.


LG’s quirky StanbyME Go is coming to the US market later this month. As we previously reported, the StanbyME Go is a 27 inch tablet-like TV that is housed in a suitcase, attached via an articulating arm, that comes with a built-in 20-watt speaker and battery pack.

“Content viewing is no longer confined to the living room or even the home, but until now, consumers have had to sacrifice screen size in favor of portability,” said David Park, Head of HE Product Marketing. “LG StanbyME Go makes the full-scale viewing experience travel-friendly and offers a versatile option for streaming, listening, remote working and more.”

The StanbyME Go ships with webOS and AirPlay, providing users with a suite of apps, including games that can be played by rotating the screen down so it lays horizontally, utilizing the TV’s touch screen as a game board. Reviewers are mentioning only 3 hours of battery life, however, so it may be worth it to keep a power supply nearby.

The StanbyME Go will be available in the US later this month for a price of $1000.


The following was originally published June 7, 2023: 

CES 2022 saw LG present the StanbyME, which they positioned as the “future of TVs.” Now, the company has just unveiled an update to the model, the StanbyME Go,  which comes with its own hard-shelled carrying case to protect it while making it easy to transport. Measuring 27 inches, the tablet TV forgoes the the stand-on-wheels design of the original model for a new, short articulating arm within the carrying case.

This unique design for a TV looks to blend the convenience and portability of a tablet with the “gather round” communal aspect of more traditional TVs. The 27″ display is touch-sensitive, and LG shows off this feature by showing that it can lay flat, supported by the articulating arm, to use as a digital game board. The 1080p screen supports Dolby Atmos as well as Dolby Vision. Notably, the display lacks any sort of camera, meaning no video calls. LG claims 3 hours of video life per charge, and the the new StanbyME Go features integrated 20-watt speakers for built-in sound. Availability begins July 7th, with the StanbyME Go retailing at just under $900.


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