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Microsoft resurrects Surface Studio 2 with new 2+ model

4 years after the Surface 2, some modernizations have been made, but is it enough?

In addition to other announcements made at Microsoft’s Surface event, the company revealed its newly updated Surface Studio 2+. Since the Surface Studio 2’s release in 2018, the product line has remained dormant, leaving consumers to wonder if the line had been discontinued or if any updates were on the horizon. The Surface Studio 2+ model comes as a welcome upgrade, brandishing an updated CPU, graphics processor, ports, and not much else.

The Surface Studio 2+ updates its old CPU to the newer Core i7-11370H. This 11th generation processor is a hefty step up from 2018, but isn’t technically the new kid on the block anymore with 12th gen CPUs now on the market. A Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU handles the graphics processing, which is another welcome upgrade, considering that this all-in-one is aimed squarely towards professional creatives. New USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 ports replace the older USB-A ports and SD card reader. This allows added storage or even additional graphics processing power if needed and continues to push the Studio 2+ into modern times.

What hasn’t changed? The display, for one. The new model still features a 28-inch 3:2 pressure-sensitive 4K+ display that is built on a wonderful hinge system that allows the display to transform from a more traditional monitor to an easel in seconds. The 1080p webcam is still present as well.

Starting at a whopping $4,299.99 price point (for the mouse and keyboardless model), the Surface Studio 2+ might have trouble finding an audience as an end-of-year launch. Still, for those that like what the Surface Studio 2 brought to the table, the 2+ modernizes the specs for those who can afford it.



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