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WATCH: Looking Glass 8K 60 Holographic Display

8K 60 holographic display without glasses out of Brooklyn-based Looking Glass Factory

This Brooklyn-based Looking Glass Factory first came out with an all-in-one 3D visualization workstation for business users earlier this year. Now they are going 32-inch, 7,680 x 4,320 resolution holographic display. Underpinning their display is the company’s 45-element light field technology. The company pitches the display for retail, mapping, medical imaging, and entertainment applications; it claims combination of hardware and software to deliver 33.2 million pixels across a 1.07-billion color gamut at 60 Hz. No headsets.

The Looking Glass Factory says that it’s sold thousands of developer kits over the last year, and reports that its advance beta run for the Looking Glass 8K has already sold out. Pre-orders for the next production batch are now open, with delivery scheduled for the northern spring of 2020. For pricing info, you’ll need to contact the company directly. It appears to be a small company but you never know. Phone number went to VM during opening hours. (929) 387-8225

Demonstration units have gone out and may still be available. Regardless of professional viability this marketing video is still worth a look.

And here are a few more images:

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