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WATCH: App connects to AR glasses to provide real-life subtitles to the hearing impaired

Features include translation to over 140 languages, and a saved transcription history of your conversations.

In an effort to make daily life easier and more accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing, XRAI Glass is an app that takes natural speech from the world around you and converts it to text on a pair of glasses, giving you the effect of captions for your day to day life.

XRAI Glass was started by Dan Scarfe after noticing that his 97 year old grandfather, Peter, was still sharp and clever, but had difficulty being involved in conversations, even with an assortment of hearing aids at his disposal. When watching TV with subtitles turned on, however, Peter became instantly engaged. The idea of “subtitles for real life” was born.

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In addition to transcribing speech in real time, as well as attributing sentences to the speaker that spoke them, XRAI Glass saves a copy of each conversation, allowing the user to recap a conversation afterwards.  Translation is also offered for over 140 languages, and an AI assistant is ready to help the user with any questions, though some features are only available at certain subscription tiers. The Essentials tier, however, is completely free and comes with transcription in 20 languages and a 1-day conversation transcription history.

Of course, XRAI Glass is just the app, not the actual hardware. While connecting the app to a pair of AR glasses typically involves having your glasses tethered to your phone via a wired connection, XRAI Glass sells accessories that can make the experience more comfortable and wire-free.  The app itself is currently compatible with the following AR glasses:

  • RayNeo X2
  • Rokid Max
  • XREAL Air

The company says they are always looking to expand to additional glasses in the future.


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