CASE STUDY: Ninth Judicial Circuit Court, Florida

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The Ninth Judicial Circuit Court in central Florida is one of the largest in the state, serving more than 1.3 million area residents. As such, the Ninth required a reliable and flexible audio solution to meet a rapidly growing number of judicial case dockets across seven separate campuses while increasing overall audio quality. For years, the court used Biamp AudiaFLEX devices to support operations and was now looking to upgrade to meet additional challenges such as the unique requirements and system specifications from each location, and the ability to provide high-quality audio for remote interpretation services.

Using Biamp Tesira’s EX-MOD expanders, the Ninth was able to remove three pieces of equipment for each interpreter headset connection point. This greatly reduces potential failure points while providing a central monitoring and control point with the Tesira software. To increase audio quality within internal courtrooms, each room has a dedicated system consisting of a Tesira SERVER-IO and TesiraFORTÉ device. With a total of 32 analog inputs and 16 analog outputs, each solution also utilizes a diverse array of additional inputs and outputs including telephone interface via both POTS and VoIP. The devices are compatible with CobraNet, Dante, and AVB networking.

The installation now allows interpreters located at the Ninth’s downtown location to call into proceedings from any district via a Cisco Telepresence codec over IP or with a standard telephone. Using a Biamp Canvas GUI, interpreters can then easily switch between multiple presets to change the audio routing matrices, as well as maintain control over the specific audio levels they are receiving—allowing for the interpreters’ unique intelligibility needs to be optimized in real time as needed. By enabling interpreters to appear telephonically, the system increases versatility while supporting out of-state freelance interpreters.

“At the Ninth, we have been leveraging proAV technology for many years now, and at the heart has been Biamp’s audio DSP,” said Jamy Crum, audio/visual department senior engineer at Ninth Judicial Circuit Court. “With many audio sources ranging from large channel counts of microphones to evidence presentation sources, without Biamp technology we would not have had the ability to scale our processes and workflows as efficiently and effectively.”



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