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Crestron Flex MM

This is a compact 7-inch touchscreen audio and video conferencing solution that is an easy to use, manage, and deploy tabletop meeting and collaboration system. With native Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms software, Crestron Flex MM is ideal for newly converted or dedicated small workspaces in the corporate office and the home office. Crestron Flex MM is an extension of the Crestron Flex M-Series, bringing tabletop video conferencing to small spaces while delivering one-touch connectivity and enterprise-grade security. The system natively supports Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms, supports a 10-foot mic pick-up range and an ultra wide-angle HD camera with 150° diagonal field of view, and can be remotely provisioned, controlled, and managed. It comes with three different options, including the audio conference-only for Microsoft Teams, the video conferencing models for Microsoft Teams, and the Zoom Rooms option.

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