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Emerging Technologies: Acoustics

The latest acoustic products on the market.


The Acoustics First ArtDiffusor Trim is a versatile building material that allows numerous options for modifying a room’s acoustics. A high-frequency quadratic diffuser by design, both profiles offer diffusion in similar ranges, while allowing for opportunities to drastically change the aesthetic. The different profiles can be used individually or together to vary the look and acheive the desired performance. Additionally, ArtDiffusor Trim can be installed with an air gap behind them, on top of panels, and with varied spacing to create slot absorbers for low frequency control in addition to the high frequency diffusion. Planks can come in maple or other various woods, finished and stained, or raw for a custom look. The standard size of a plank is about 1”x4”x48”, however, longer planks can be provided if required.


L-Acoustics announced the release of Soundvision 3.0, fully redesigned architectural 3D sound system design program and up to 40 times faster when calculating the most complex files. The new release is fully compatible with the most recent graphic cards and with PC operating systems from Windows Vista and above and will be available as a free download. While Soundvision’s code has been fully renewed, the user interface has been kept identical to previous versions so that current users will be able to apply the updated software instantly. The updated version is also retro-compatible, meaning all files from preceding versions of the software can benefit from the upgrades in Soundvision 3.0.


The IsoAcoustics Aperta aluminum acoustic isolation stands are designed for medium-size professional studio monitors and speakers. The stands feature a unique integrated tilt adjustment that enables the user to dial-in the optimum tilt angle, with fine gradation markings provided to ensure the precision of the angle adjustments. With an overall size of 6.1”x7.5” (155mm x 190mm), the Aperta stands complement studio monitors and speakers weighing up to 35lbs. Packaged as a pair, the Aperta stands are available in both black and aluminum. Retail price for the Aperta pair is $249.


Auralex Acoustics’ new Deep6 low-frequency absorber, a 2’x4’x6” powder- coated, black steel frame-enclosed absorption device is specifically designed to be installed on a wall or across a vertical corner to improve low-frequency absorption throughout the room and accuracy at the mix position, but without the sonic artifacts of competing products. This acoustical treatment is well-suited for rooms where corner-fitted bass traps are not possible due to doors or windows, and provides usable broadband control down to 40Hz. It is Class A fire rated for commercial and residential applications. It complements a wide range of acoustical products and turns mid-high absorbers into a complete broadband system. It’s available in sandstone and obsidian fabric colors, and comes fully assembled and ready to install with the included wall-mounting brackets. Additional corner mounting brackets are available.

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