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Emerging Technologies: Distance Learning

The latest in distance learning products.

The CaptureLiveHD system from Crestron provides a simple, one-box component for capturing lectures, presentations, medical procedures, seminars, and training sessions. It is designed for easy integration in a classroom, lecture hall, training lab, or boardroom. It allows presenters and instructors to use their choice of multimedia sources, including high-definition videos, computers, whiteboards, and annotators. The base model provides HDMI and RGBHV inputs for such sources, plus a composite video input for a camera and line-level audio input for a wireless mic. The CAPTURE-HD-PRO model adds a 3G-SDI input to support HD digital cameras.


Discover Video DEVOS 4 for K-12 and Higher Education is an enterprise and Internet delivery platform that allows schools to use the full power of multimedia within their curriculum. DEVOS is an on-premises or cloud-based video streaming and media management system. With Streamsie software encoders (Mac, PC, or IOS), it allows teachers to develop creative multimedia instructional material that students can view on computers, mobile devices, or TVs (flipping the classroom).

In each lesson, teachers can create questions and embed them into the video. As students watch the video, they must answer the questions correctly to move on and finish the lesson. The same DEVOS system can be used for many other applications in schools such video morning announcements, cable TV distribution to classrooms, webcasting major events such as graduations, concerts, and plays, digital video signage, recording and distributing board of education meetings, and emergency alert notifications. It is a secure system and can be used with the schools’ active directory for teacher and student sign-on.


The rackmountable design of the dual-channel Revolabs HD Venue wireless microphone system provides HD audio quality and easy integration in small collaboration spaces, or a fixed, reliable solution in a video cart. The unit can be mixed and matched with a variety of HD wireless microphones, including wearable and tabletop directional and omnidirectional, and adaptors for handheld and Countryman microphones. All Revolabs wireless microphones are rechargeable, providing up to eight hours of talk time on a full charge. In addition, 128-bit encryption keeps conversations secure, while RF Armor technology enables the microphones to operate even when in direct contact with wireless electronic devices known to cause unwanted audio interference, such as GSM mobile phones and smartphones.


Pexip’s latest version of the Infinity meeting platform includes direct streaming capabilities to enterprise and public content delivery network (CDN) solutions such as Microsoft Azure, Adobe Media Server, Wowza, VBrick, YouTube, and many others. Any licensed version of Pexip Infinity can output a multimedia stream for consumption by CDN solutions, simply enabling streaming, recording, and playback.

Infinity users also benefit from added instant messaging and chat across multiple platforms, seamlessly blending collaborators using compatible clients. Pexip’s solution simply enables virtual meeting room chats between traditional clients such as Lync and Skype, as well as browser-based clients. Infinity compatibility covers every major browser, including Internet Explorer and Apple Safari.

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