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Spotlight: Command and Control

Emergency Touch

Touchscreens and tablets allow faster and more informed response for Riviera Beach Fire Rescue Department

By Cynthia Wisehart

The compelling duty of a Fire Rescue department is to respond quickly to emergencies to save lives and minimize property damage. In Florida, the Riviera Beach Fire Rescue Department was slowed down by the outdated technology in their response center, wasting valuable time before they could leave for the scene.

The existing system required a cumbersome process for firefighters to pull together information about traffic conditions and fire hydrant locations in order to calculate the fastest route to the scene, and how much fire hose was needed. READ MORE

Tech Showcase: KVM Switches and Extenders

By Mary Bakija

When designing workstation deployments, consideration must be given to space and convenience, but there are so many other variables, depending on the size, scope, and system capacity — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Current KVM solutions are just as varied as the projects they’re used in. Here’s a look at some of the solutions that are currently available. READ MORE

Case Study: Carnival Cruise Lines Headquarters, FL

The 35,000-square foot space is custom-designed for hands-on, around the clock monitoring and support of the line’s 26 cruise ships. Seating over 100 operators, the FOC also has the ability to monitor all nine Carnival Corporation lines and 104-ship fleet, the largest fleet in the cruise industry. READ MORE

Tech Showcase: PTZ Cameras and Capture Devices

By Bennett Liles

Getting reality to video and then on to its intended destination is a complex process, but more is now automatically done behind the scenes leaving operators free to concentrate on creativity. Advances in optics and signal processing allow for easy transfer while keeping manual options open in customizing the content for specific applications. The devices found here represent the current state of the art in PTZ/ capture of sound and video. READ MORE

World’s largest command and control LED display installed

A new Sydney Trains Rail Operations Centre (ROC) now nearing completion includes a central control room featuring what is believed to be the world’s largest command and control LED display. READ MORE

KVM demand will surge over next three years, survey finds

By Cynthia Wisehart

76% of KVM equipment will be replaced over the next three years

71% of KVM users are challenged by space limitations and increasing power demands

46% of KVM equipment is outdated as it is more than six years old. 


Case Study: Eglin Air Force Base

The U.S. Air Force’s 96th Range Control Squadron (96 RNCS) at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida provides real-time mission monitoring and control of the base’s Test and Training Range. The 96 RNCS tracks and controls aircraft and weapons in flight, performs data collection and data processing for live and post-mission system performance analysis. READ MORE

Tech Showcase: Media Streaming

By Mary Bakija

Media Distribution is becoming more efficient and available for a wider range of users and applications. Technology and products are rapidly evolving— particularly as more manufacturers move towards AV over IP platforms. Looking ahead, keep an eye on the growing embrace of 4K, and speedier distribution of high-definition content. Here’s a look across a range of networked media streaming products for a range of ecosystems. READ MORE

CASE STUDY: Washington DC Public Transportation

It’s getting tougher to be a criminal, at least on Washington, DC public transportation. “If you’re a criminal, you’re going to pass by one of our cameras,” says Shawn Doody, digital video evidence manager for the Metro Transit Police Department and manager of the agency’s new Security Operations Command Center (SOCC). “We’re going to find you.” Video from thousands of cameras is digitally stored and accessible from the agency’s security network, giving operators at SOCC the ability to call it up quickly for an investigation or a trial. READ MORE

CASE STUDY: Riverside County CA AEOC, California

Riverside county had approved a budget of about $1 million for a new EOC facility with the latest AV technology. That idea was jettisoned several months into the planning when the funding was eviscerated by other departments, said John Bilar, vice president of technology and stakeholders advocate/design consultant, Spectrum ITC Group.

After its budget was reduced by nearly half, the team of HOK architects, Holt Architects, and Spectrum devised a fresh, collaborative plan to retain the proposed infrastructure within Riverside’s lowered budget. The result is an adaptive reuse of an abandoned county building featuring a modern AEOC with technology to support required mission readiness. READ MORE

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