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Strother Bullins on Beyerdynamic TG 500 Wireless System

Unveiled at the 2017 NAMM Show in Anaheim, the TG 500 wireless system series is an affordable and flexible wireless series from renowned German pro audio manufacturer beyerdynamic.

Available in five configurations— two vocal handheld kits, clip-on mic, headworn mic, and instrument options—TG 500 systems deliver a reported operating range of nearly 400 feet, and each of the five TG 500 sets can be used in one of four frequency bands—518-548 MHz, 606-636 MHz, 794-832 MHz and 1.780-1.810 MHz.

Up to 72 channels (18 compatible frequencies per band) can be operated simultaneously, making the TG 500 solution an attractive one for small to average-sized houses-of-worship, theaters, etc.

For this review, I received the TG 550 Vocal Set featuring a dynamic TG 500H-D handheld transmitter with a TG V50 cardioid capsule (pictured) as well as the TG 558 Presenter Set featuring the TG L58 clip-on omnidirectional condenser microphone. Beyond performing flawlessly in use, these units provide a bevy of notable, user-friendly design features.

First of all, the TG 500SR receiver, a half-rack unit offering quarter-inch and XLR analog audio outputs and an intuitive front panel, was simple to navigate even for one house-of-worship application in which the end-users didn’t have the manual on-hand. Its backlit LCD screen is easy on the eyes, even in dark environments, and the one-button synchronization function worked like a charm.

On the TG 500H handheld transmitter, a well-placed on/off button—opposite charging contacts on its bottom—offers additional information with repeated presses (group/channel, frequency, and HF power details). Conveniently under its battery compartment cover,the TG 500H provides a two-level sensitivity (gain) switch at 0dB and 12dB settings.

The TG 558’s TG 500B beltpack transmitter is similarly designed and intuitive. The transmitters are well-made of a rugged yet very lightweight thermoplastic material, allowing both to be relatively worry-free when it comes to accidental drops.

In use, the TG 500H feels good in the hand and delivers a rich and smooth yet detailed sound that works on a wide range of vocal tonalities. I had several vocalists that commented on the quality of the TG 500H, comparing it to other handhelds that would easily be hundreds of dollars more than the entire TG 550 Vocal Set, currently available at an undeniable $499 street.

After spending a couple of months using primarily the TG 550 Vocal Set, I would recommend any of the TG 500 systems to most club-level live engineers and venues or budget-conscious HOWs and theaters. Both systems I received for review sound great and are a true bargain for the features and complete ease-of-use they provide.

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