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Symetrix ARC-2e

A wall panel menu-driven remote from Symetrix.

Symetrix ARC-2e

Aug 18, 2011 12:34 PM

Symetrix ARC-2e

Symetrix announced it is now shipping the ARC-2e menu-driven wall panel remote. The ARC-2e replaces both the ARC-2 and the ARC-2i. It can take its power either directly from the Symetrix DSP via Cat-5 or from an optional DC power supply (PS-6). New user-friendly rotary DIP switches determine the device’s RS-485 address. The stock ARC-2e ships with a white plastic faceplate, but an optional milled aluminum metallic silver faceplate is also available. Like the ARC-2 and ARC-2i, the ARC-2e supports eight static characters and up to 31 scrolling characters, instant user feedback for control assignments, default settings, and full programming and customization from within the software used to program the Symetrix DSP. Price: NA

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