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Tech Showcase: Corporate Projectors

A look at a variety of video projectors that are applicable to commercial/corporate applications.

This month, we take a look at a variety of video projectors that are applicable to commercial/corporate applications. Video projectors are certainly utilized less now that flatpanel displays are reaching the 90in. size with affordable prices. However, when you need larger than a 90in. image, video projection is still the answer. Video projection technologies continue to evolve with the race to 4K resolutions continuing and now the introduction of both lampless projectors and laser-light engines extend the life of the projector without requiring lamp changing.

Barco PGWU-62L

The Barco PGWU-62L is the quietest laser phosphor projector currently available, featuring 6000 lumens brightness, sharp images, and excellent color performance. With a lightweight and compact design, it also offers reliable single-chip DLP technology for true peace of mind. The PGWU-62L offers WUXGA (1920×1200 native) resolution, low maintenance (no lamps and filters), and a long, 20,000 hour lifetime, resulting in low total cost of ownership. The filter-free, lampless design reduces maintenance. Its intuitive control menu puts the most common features at the user’s fingertips, and button- and cable-free operations reduces complexity and clutter. The projector can be mounted in 360-degree rotation and portrait mode. Supporting the integration of optional connectivity modules, the PGWU-62L is future-proof and can be upgraded with extra functions. Based on Barco’s wireless presentation system ClickShare, the “ClickShare Inside” option can be easily integrated at the back of the projector, allowing users to wirelessly share their content onscreen to enjoy true collaboration.

Canon REALiS WUX6000

The new Canon REALiS WUX6000 projector offers a robust combination of 6000 lumens of high brightness, WUXGA (1920×1200) high resolution and Canon’s unique LCOS display technology. The REALiS WUX6000 Pro AV Installation LCOS Projector delivers intricately detailed, color-accurate still or motion images with a contrast ratio of up to 2000:1.This model is compatible with all current interchangeable Genuine Canon projector lenses to suit a variety of screen sizes ranging from close rear-projection to long-throw display environments.

The EcoLite XJ-V1 is powered by Casio’s Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source technology. This LampFree light source combines a laser, fluorescent element, and LEDs to generate high brightness and a 20,000 hour estimated lifespan with minimal brightness degradation and continuous operation. It also provides a 30 percent increase in LED light output, thus offering a greater increase in color spectrum when compared to a mercury lamp. Casio’s EcoLite XJ-V1 projector features a throw ratio of 1.54-1.7: 1, produces 2700 lumens of brightness, and boasts XGA (1024×768) resolution which is suitable for displaying content from video and computer sources. The EcoLite features inputs for RGB and HDMI, and includes a variable audio output for external audio.

Christie DWX555-GS

Using laser phosphor illumination, the Christie DWX555-GS provides 20,000 hours of operation and eliminates the need for lamp and filter replacements. Part of the Christie GS Series, the solid-state illumination, 1DLP laser-diode projector features WXGA resolution and provides a cost-effective solution with outstanding color matching, and optional blending and warping for curved surfaces. The Christie DWX555-GS is a fit for corporate boardrooms and conference rooms, government facilities, and higher education. Easy to install and use with input options such as Display Port, HDMI, DVI, and HDBaseT, the Christie DWX555-GS provides clean, radiant images with up to 5400 ANSI lumens with picture-in-picture functionality.

Digital Projection International Insight 4K Quad

Digital Projection International’s new lamp-based, true 4K (4096×2160) resolution Insight 4K Quad projector brings incredible brightness output to the already impressive Insight product lineup. Delivering 25,000 lumens of application-enabling brightness, the Insight 4K Quad is ideal for venues contending with plentiful ambient light or needing to produce large-scale, high-quality imagery.

Dukane ImagePro 6540HD

Dukane’s ImagePro 6540HD has been a very popular new model in small- to medium-size corporate conference rooms and boardrooms. The 6540HD is positioned as an entry level installation projector at 4000 lumens and native 1080p resolution. Dual HDMI inputs ensure quick switching between multiple high-definition sources. The 6540HD combines high resolution and brightness to achieve a truly impressive image at a very reasonable price.

Epson PowerLite Pro G6970WU

The Epson PowerLite Pro G6970WU delivers high resolution, powerful performance features, and advanced display capabilities for virtually any large corporate meeting space. The Pro G6970WU offers 6000 lumens of white brightness and 6000 lumens of color brightness, and WUXGA resolution for full HD support. Advanced connectivity easily integrates with any system supporting the latest connectivity options, including HDBaseT, HD-SDI, HDMI, and DisplayPort. Installation is easy with features such as built-in edge blending, 360-degree installation, simple cloning, and five optional lenses with lens shift. Users can simultaneously project from multiple sources, plus remotely monitor and control projectors. The Pro G6970WU includes the latest 3-chip 3LCD technology to deliver amazing, true-to-life color and detail for any video projection.

Hitachi CP-BW301WN

The new Hitachi CP-BW301WN provides WXGA 1280×800 resolution with 3000 lumens brightness and CP-BX301WN provides XGA 1024×768 resolution with 3200 lumens brightness for more vivid and realistic images up to 150in. diagonal. Both short-throw projectors offer a throw ratio of 0.4:1 and deliver an improved 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and lamp life up to 10,000 hours. Picture quality is further improved by Hitachi’s exclusive High Dynamic Contrast Range (HDCR) technology that yields clear images even in bright rooms, and the projector’s Accentualizer feature that makes images look more realistic by enhancing sharpness, shadow detail, and other picture qualities. The projectors’ compact size and light weight make them easy to install on a wall-arm mount or place on a tabletop or other surface. They include two HDMI inputs, two computer and composite video inputs, a video monitor out and multiple audio connections. In addition, the CP-BW301WN and CP-BX301WN provide USB Type A and USB Type B ports, an RS-232 connection for remote system control, and an RJ-45 port that enables the projector to be remotely controlled and monitored via LAN. The CP-BW301WN and CP-BX301WN can also receive and display notifications and other information from a centralized location via a school’s LAN using Hitachi’s PJMessenger function.


The NEC PH1202HL is a powerful installation projector with a laser/phosphor light source that makes it ideal for all-new applications. With more consistent brightness, improved color fidelity, and tilt-free or portrait modes, this projector will deliver in corporate installations. Furthermore, the laser module delivers 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operations, reducing the total cost of ownership. High-brightness, lower power consumption enhance always-on capabilities of laser projection. It’s also well-suited for digital signage applications as the lampless operation reduces TCO. TileMatrix enables 4Kx2K resolution utilizing digital loop through capabilities. Multiple images can be blended with integrated blending capabilities. Built-in HDBaseT enables simplified installations with a single cable for video, audio, and control signals.

Panasonic PT-DZ780

With whisper-quiet operation (30dB) and high image quality, the Panasonic PT-DZ780 Series offers a wide range of features ideal for corporate settings, including a dual-lamp system to ensure continuous uninterrupted operation. The Series offers 7000 lumens of brightness in WUXGA and WXGA resolution, and 8200 lumens in XGA resolution. It delivers outstanding color reproduction and enhanced color perception in bright rooms using Panasonic’s exclusive Dynamic RGB Booster, building on the same technology as the PT-DZ870 Series. These projectors feature easy maintenance and reliability with a lamp life extended to 4,000 hours (6,000 hours in Eco mode), lowering overall total cost of ownership.

Ricoh PJ WX4141N

The Ricoh PJ WX4141N is a networking, 3300 lumen ultra-short-throw projector, capable of displaying a 48in. diagonal image when placed less than 5in. from a wall or screen, and only 9.6in. from a wall delivers a brilliant 80in. WXGA 1280×800 picture. The unit weighs only 6.6 lbs. and can be mounted below or above the screen. It’s ideal for conference rooms, offices, small-to-midsize meeting spaces, classrooms, tradeshows, stores, restaurants, and hotels. An HDMI input provides highest-quality video from DVD players and Blu-ray players. Other connection options include VGA, video, and audio input. Designed to be lightweight and portable, this unit can be placed on a table or in its optional stand. The PJ WX4141Ni version transforms conventional screens into interactive whiteboards with Ricoh PJ Interactive software. Presenters can share screens remotely and add notes directly to presentations using the digital pen.

Sony VPL-FHZ65

The Sony VPL-FHZ65 uses 3LCD imaging technology to achieve 6000 lumens of color light output at WUXGA resolution (1920×1200). It also delivers a range of capabilities that eliminate many of the issues associated with conventional lamp-based projection, while still producing vivid color, and having a long lifespan. With Sony’s successful Z-phosphor projector illumination technology and a self-cleaning filter, the VPL-FHZ65 is a good fit for many applications. The projector is easy to install, requires less cost and upkeep at about 20,000 hours maintenance-free, supports a full set of input connections, and the lack of lamps means fewer risky ladder climbs for bulb changes. The VPL-FHZ65 comes with a powered zoom lens and with four other optional lenses to cover a wide range of installation needs. Furthermore, the low power consumption and energy efficiency helps reduce electricity bills.



Light Artists Utilize Video Projection for Peace

As part of the international effort to raise awareness for the causes of peace and non-violence, a program called “Projectors for Peace” has been set up to accept donated video projection equipment for use by the New York Peace Coalition and its related organizations. The New York Peace Coalition is a designated 501(c)(3) and will provide receipts upon request.

If you have any old, used but working video projectors, please send them to:
Projectors for Peace
c/o NYPC
2006 Westchester Avenue
Bronx, N.Y. 10462

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