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Whether it’s a simple, single AV system or numerous systems working together, there is control system equipment designed for it.

AMX’s Acendo Core provides value for huddle spaces and other small meeting rooms. Users can easily start a meeting with the click of a button or a touch of the screen. Built-in document viewers and rendering allow users to present content without bringing anything to the room. Users can simply start a session, navigate to their document on a USB drive, network drive, or the web and begin their presentation. Featuring direct integration with Microsoft Exchange, Acendo Core provides a comprehensive scheduling system to ensure that meetings begin and end on time. Users can quickly view the current availability of a meeting space and reserve the room for the desired time. Acendo Core is thin enough to mount behind a display, with a sleek industrial design that is also well suited for display on a wall or credenza. When combined with the new AMX Acendo Vibe, an expertly designed conferencing soundbar powered by JBL audio technology and an optional integrated camera, Acendo Core forms the most cost-effective collaboration and conferencing solution designed for the needs of today’s modern office environments.

 The ATEN Control Systemdoes not require the purchase of exclusive user panels. Instead, the control system can be managed through an intuitive app-based user interface on an iOS, Windows, or Android device. Released last year, the ATEN Control System has been well received by end-users and system integrators alike due to its simple and intuitive setup, deployment, and control. The ATEN Control System easily empowers individuals without a technical background to manage and control any device in a room. As a result, the ATEN solution lowers overheads by eliminating the costs associated with the additional manpower and training time of other control systems. The Control System’s expansion boxes launched this year provide extra port connections that can be used to meet the needs of larger and more complex environments. ATEN’s VK224 4-Port Serial Expansion Box, VK236 6-Port IR/Serial Expansion Box, and VK248 8-Channel Relay Expansion Box allow customers to match the exact requirements of any installation. ATEN now also provides a driver download page so that users can seamlessly integrate a number of devices from various brands within their installation.

 The Atlona Velocity Control System is an all-new AV system control platform for Atlona and third-party products in commercial AV installations ranging from individual meeting rooms to an entire campus or enterprise. Velocity allows very fast, agile AV system configuration and deployment for integrators, plus centralized management for multiple clients and their site installations. It features an innovative cloud and premise-based system architecture with scalability up to 500 room systems or more, as well as full redundancy capability that prevents AV control downtime in any room. Velocity comes with a comprehensive host of convenience features, including continuous system monitoring, instant notifications and alerts, highly intuitive and mobilefriendly control GUIs, secure data communications, detailed analytics, and much more.

 The Aurora QXT-700is the world’s first platform agnostic Quad Core IP HD 7in. touchpanel (QXT- 700TS) and control system (QXT-2). Ideal for conference rooms, educational facilities, digital signage, and more. Designed to mount into a standard two-gang box, the QXT- 700 has a beautiful 1280×800 touchscreen with 170-degree viewing. The 2D and 3D graphics engine with 1080p H.264 streaming decoder provides a powerful solution for complex graphics and video, ensuring an enhanced user experience. To further enhance the experience, the QXT-700 has stereo speakers, stereo digital microphones, light sensor, proximity sensor, and IR Learner. The QXT-700 is a powerful “all-in-one” solution for your presentation and automation needs.

 The Black Box Control Bridge Multisystem and Room Control Systemoffers a high level of automated room control. Use it to connect and control everything in small to large conference rooms, classrooms, training centers, and control rooms. You’ll gain onetouch control of multimedia, AV, KVM, and IP-enabled devices as well as room automation systems. Access and control equipment a number of ways: via an Ethernet connection, an IR remote, a bidirectional RS-232 serial channels, digital I/O, and a relay connection. With a touch of a button or swipe of a touchpanel, you can lower the screen, dim the lights, and start your presentation. Black Box will work to customize a user interface to meet the needs of a specific application.

Christie Phoenix enables seamless access and control of audiovisual data from virtually anywhere, through a single, robust system. Its comprehensive tools allow thousands of users to simultaneously view, listen to, and interact with any source of information found in a control room environment, regardless of their location. Consisting of at least one hardware node and powered by web-based management software, the Christie Phoenix system allows users in a variety of challenging environments to make faster, more accurate life-critical decisions with confidence. Phoenix uses standard IP network as AV transport and control, and will interact with any source of information found in a control room environment from virtually anywhere. Replicate and share content on many videowalls and desktops, simultaneously and directly interface with 4K/UHD sources and readily distribute, control and present them on videowalls or 4K/UHD displays with four inputs. The system is modular to allow even modest installations to grow over time without system redesign. It supports both HDCP and H.264 encryption throughout the network. Phoenix is easy to install and configure. Encode, decode and display simultaneously, all from one unit — access from a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

 To achieve a high level of connectivity and control, the Crestron 3-Series Control Systemmust be on the network, support Ethernet, BACnet, and SNMP, it must be scalable, and it must be totally secure. Security is always the first and last priority. While the main focus is securing the “front door”: computers, email, mobile devices — one of the largest and most infamous hacks of a major retail chain happened through the HVAC system. The transport layer security (TLS) ensures that all traffic on the network is encrypted. Secure device connectivity ensures connection encryption so unsecure devices are secured before getting on the network. Our control system authenticates devices requesting access to the network as well as authenticating individuals requesting access to the network. Only Crestron 3-Series Control Systems provide enterprise grade security that today’s commercial clients demand.

 A permanently installed loudspeaker system should integrate with existing infrastructure and offer a seamless user interface. d&b audiotechnikachieves this by offering a toolkit with plug-ins and modules that deliver full interoperability with general DSP platforms and automation systems such as QSC Q-SYS, Peavey Media Matrix, Beckhoff, AMX, and Crestron. Each plug-in delivers full integration of d&b systems into a third-party control domain of customized sound reinforcement systems for stadiums, churches, performing art venues, corporate and conference venues, clubs, or any event space where control systems are utilized.

 The Extron TLP Pro 1220TG is a 12in. tabletop touchpanel with a capacitive, edgeto- edge glass touchscreen. This customizable touchpanel features faster processing and more memory, while the color, 1280×800 capacitive touchscreen provides a vibrant look and a more responsive control surface. The TLP Pro 1220TG features video preview inputs that support high-resolution, HDCPcompliant video from HDMI sources and Extron XTP devices. The convenience of PoE+ allows the touchpanel to receive power and communication over a single Ethernet cable. The TLP Pro 1220TG has a stylish design and powerful features that make it ideal for control applications that require a fully-customizable tabletop touchpanel with a large control surface and multi-source video preview.

 FSR’s T6 Table Box with Flex Controlsystem is a small, powerful, and affordable solution perfect for nearly any installation. It features a 3.5in. color LCD touchscreen and all of the connectivity needed to control the lighting, shades, and every piece of AV equipment installed all from one central location. It features the full complement of serial, IR, GPIO, and Ethernet ports and is the right choice for larger installations or where network connectivity is required. The interior compartment can be populated with a variety of AC and AV connector plates available from FSR. A Flex can also be remotely controlled using the Flex Remote Control software. The software connects to the Flex installed in the room and replicates the screen on the desktop and is available for: Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phone, Android, iPad, and iPhone.

IDK America’s iqCONTROL control system is available as a simple interface for BYOD (bring your own device) applications or as front end to the complete system management (controlling multiple devices) with access to the full menu of options within the specified device. Available as an app, iqCONTROL has the ability to be customized for your application. With in-house production facilities, IDK can meet emerging market demands for additional features and enhanced performance more quickly than other Pro- A/V equipment manufacturers.

 Kramer unveils its Kramer Controldistributed architecture and extensive cloud leveraging translates to agility and scalability. Catering to a single room or large global enterprise with the same ease of use, Kramer Control also includes an optional Analytics Dashboard (powered by Kramer Network), which automatically gathers all control data and generates actionable reports on device health and performance, room usage, operational efficiency, energy usage, and more. The Kramer Control Platform provides options for public, private, or hybrid cloud implementation. A Manager module is used for defining project content and scope, and the Builder module lets users create, edit and configure room control systems from anywhere in the world.

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