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Tech Roundup: Furniture and Mounts 2020

Displays, controllers, routers and other current AV gear can do great things and empower their operators to maximize productivity but the proper arrangement and connection of these items isn’t just an aesthetic matter. The control surfaces and mounting devices they call home directly influence functionality and make a statement about professionalism. Matching devices with their mounts and surrounding surfaces requires a future-proofed plan developed through careful consideration. The tools surveyed here represent a rich range of choices for every project.

The Altinex TNP602C Tilt ‘N Plug Tabletop Interconnect Box has a customizable front plate that can be set up for any combination of connections needed. Its careful design allows both connector density and accessibility. The unit fits snugly into a horizontal surface and with the milled edges, presents a nearly flat surface. Gas spring technology makes the device rise with a gentle push on the lid and close very smoothly. For quick and easy installation it also ships with six preterminated cables and a downloadable custom cutout template.

AtlasIED has the ultimate in easy accessibility and security with the AWR2W-HR 2RU tilt out half rack wall unit with its lock and recessed mounting capability between 16-inch stud wall construction. All units in the AWR series have an 18-gauge CRS formed door frame with an 18-gauge CRS locking tilt-out door attached to the frame with 2-pin hinges. The door closes flush against the face plate to show a very low profile. For equipment operation, the door can be opened slightly with operator surfaces facing upward but for maintenance it can open to 90 degrees.

The CR2024 Tech Station from Audio Visual Furniture is a secure media station cart with its 12 units of rack space and a removable shelf on the left interior. The unit can accommodate single, XL and dual monitors using the optional PM2 Series mount. Composed of welded steel, it has a Thermowrap top that provides for additional cutouts. There is also a pull-out steel shelf on each side to support additional AV presentation tools such as a laptop, projector or document camera. The two front doors are perforated for ventilation and the rear door is also vented and removable. All doors have locks. The CR2024 is also mobile with its four 4in. lockable casters.

AVTEQ designed the TEAMspace Lite as the perfect furniture component for small group collaboration and videoconferencing in offices and huddle spaces. Including the 30in. high table and the display mount in a single surface gives the unit a sturdy and reliable structure. The camera can rest on an adjustable shelf above or below the display and the vertical surface below the camera end of the table contains a front access panel. Behind the access panel are storage space and cable management features. There is a cutout in the table for a connector box and the universal display mount can hold a wide range of display types and models. There is also a variety of stains and laminate finishes from which to choose.

Easy to match with its surrounding environment, the Chief Manufacturing Impact On-Wall Kiosk makes an unobtrusive digital signage enclosure with its depth adjustable exterior frame. The unit’s reversible hinges ease installation and work around obstructions. For maintenance and display changes, the display stays mounted to the frame when it is opened. The integrated wall reveal compensates for uneven walls to keep the frame plumb and it provides passive cooling. The kiosk is also equipped with an engagement latch that can be secured with tamperproof hardware. This model is compatible with PAC525 and PAC526 series in-wall boxes, including power options.

Crestron has a very compact and inclusive solution to connections and device control with the FT-TS600-B FlipTop Touch Screen. Equipped with a 5in. color display, Smart Graphics, Rava, and H.264 streaming video, the unit can be extensively customized with a variety of cable and connector combinations. When closed, the connectors and display disappear into the table top. The display’s user interface is also customizable to fit any room or degree of control desired. Full motion video and hands-free audio conferencing are also featured. A tapered notch in the lid allows it to be closed while keeping all cables and devices connected.

For large, heavy duty wall mount display applications Crimson AV can provide the RSF100 flat mount for 100in. and larger screens. The integrated kick stand puts the display in service mode to simplify and speed installation while the security lock mechanism prevents it from being moved. This mount can hold video monitors and TVs weighing up to 400lbs. and its cold rolled steel and aluminum construction allows complete confidence in its extended durability. The black scratch resistant epoxy powder coat finish keeps it looking new. It is VESA compatible and includes post installation leveling capability

The Da-Lite equipment rack carts come in three models and each proves that a very utilitarian device doesn’t have to look like a piece of machinery. Along with their stylish and elegant appearance in a variety of woodgrain finishes, the carts are also equipped with a six-outlet power strip and surge protector. Each has lockable front and rear doors along with 3in. casters for smooth mobility. There is also an option for fixed and sliding interior shelves. Dual vents and a fan provide ventilation for the gear inside. The carts are available in 12RU, 21RU and 30RU sizes.

Draper has one of the more ingenious solutions to multiple wall mounted displays with the Extendable Video Wall Mount. Each display mount includes a spring mechanism that allows the individual screen to be moved out from the wall for service or exchange without the need to move any of the adjacent displays. Each screen can be fixed to the mount and fine adjusted with millimeter precision. The mount allows each display to be secured with either a padlock or screws. The unit can work with displays from 37 to 65in. and weighing up to 88lbs.

The Hideaway HSA 822 from Extron slides cleanly up from a flush table mount to reveal multiple surfaces, each of which can fit up to four single-space AAP AV Connectivity Modules. These can be selected to customize the installation for the specific equipment used there. The pneumatic movement and mechanical latching mechanism provides very smooth movement in and out of the table surface. Each unit also includes four RJ-45 network/data/phone connectors and two discrete unswitched US AC power outlets. The top surface is available in a black anodized finish to fit any decorative environment.

Lowell Manufacturing designed the LPTR2-1419 Pull and Turn Rack so that the top section of the rack slides out and turns left or right and locks at several positions to facilitate installation and maintenance. It is capable of housing up to 14 rack units of equipment weighing as much as 125lbs. Each rack includes removable flush or recessed base mounts, an integral turntable with push-button release, two bottom rail slides, 11-gauge steel corner post mounting rails, six cable lacing bars, a front security panel attaches with screws and a black powder epoxy finish.

The new FIT-76 low profile credenza from Marshall Furniture is a compact enclosure with the option for rack installation or shelving for AV equipment stored inside. Wrapped in a standard slate grey laminate with a matching top, the unit is also fitted with modern door handles and 4in. brushed steel metal square legs. There are custom locking removable front panels with 4RU vertical rack mounts in each of the bays. The soft close overlay locking doors provide a simple and uncluttered appearance and the large rear openings assist with passive ventilation. A wide variety of custom finishes are available.

The OmniMount solution for ceiling mounted video displays in either portrait or landscape orientation is the SCM125 with its pinned tilt adjustment that makes it easy to aim adjacent monitors at exactly the same angle. Included are the universal adapter, ceiling plate and Grade 5 hardware kit along with the Lift ‘n Lock mechanism to allow one person installation. Features include a bottom pipe threat for mounting accessories below the display and anti-theft security hardware. For a professional installation appearance, cables can be routed through the pipe and the ceiling mount so that wiring is concealed.

Peerless-AV’s Outdoor Smart City Kiosks allow digital signage messaging to be clearly seen in the middle of the day and updated instantly. These are available with 49in. or 55in. display sizes in 1080p resolution and maintenance access is quick and easy with the large locking rear door. The unit can be made interactive with the addition of the optional 10 point IR touch overlay. The basic case provides plenty of protection and ventilation. The structures have been wind tested to 140mph. Cameras, routers and antennas can be added for additional functionality. The bottom area can be used to securely house media storage components with filters and cooling fans.

The CW-5×5-U-UPS is the first of the Convergent line of narrow pixel pitch, direct view LED mounts from Premier Mounts in the Unilumin UPanelS Series and due to the modular design it can be scaled from a 5×5 video wall to unlimited size. It is adjustable in all three planes including a full inch of adjustability on the z-axis. The ADA compliant mount keeps the unit within an inch of the wall and it ships in several smaller packages to facilitate movement around an installation site. There is power and cable management throughout frame design.

Among the SnapAV Strong Contractor Series of universal articulating dual arm mounts is the SM-CS-ART2-L with universal compatibility and smooth full-motion adjustability. Equipped with leveling adjustments, adjustable tension and integrated wiring management, the mount is constructed with a stamped steel back plate and welded tubular steel arms. Multiple bolt slots in the back plate enable a horizontal shift of up to 6 inches. The TV bracket heads on this line of mounts have been made smaller to accommodate the trend of shrinking TV bezels.

Spectrum Industries has made a substantial advance in classroom AV equipment with the release of the Elite Lectern. Its versatile design features a steel chassis with integral ventilation, a removable rack cube with front and rear access and a very large locking document camera drawer with two inches in height added. This drawer can be built into the left or right side of the lectern. Among the options are cutouts to suit AV equipment from a variety of sources, 2RU rack rails (instead of the keyboard tray) and a choice of up to two flipup shelves.

With so many working from home now, Tripp Lite’s Dual Monitor Desktop Mount Stand can be an especially timely consideration. Designed to fit most flat panel displays from 13 to 27 inches, the stand has mounting arms that adjust independently for viewing angle. This versatile item has 180 degree swivel and +45 to -45 degree tilt capability and it can hold displays for portrait or landscape viewing. Each mounting arm can support up to 26lbs. This model can fit four different VESA mounting hole patterns and the scratch resistant powder coat finish blends with any environment.

The Video Mount Products ERVWC Series 5RU vertical wall cabinets can help users mount their equipment in hard to reach places where there is limited floor space. Each is equipped with cable management punch-outs and ventilation. There is also a dedicated location for mounting a patch panel in addition to the available rack units. The ERVWC-5U20 model has a 20in. usable vertical depth while the ERVWC-5U36 provides a 36in. usable vertical depth and the rails adjust for the mounting depth. There is a reversible vented front door and a separate locking hinged top and hinged body. The load capacity is 150lbs.

Winsted has recently introduced their Protective Operator Partitions for controls rooms, command centers and other areas where social distancing is difficult if not impossible. Designed for easy installation, the panels conform to OSHA 3990-03 guidelines on preparing workplaces for COVID-19. These panels can fit on a wide variety of work surfaces and they are made of easy to clean acrylic material. Each can be quickly removed and repositioned and they are available in clear or frosted versions. They are also made with beveled edges and smoothly curved corners.

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