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Samsung announces $11 billion investment in dedicated Quantum Dot display manufacturing facility

The company will switch the existing 8G LCD line into a QD line between now and 2025

Samsung indicates in it’s press materials that the investment will roll out through 2025 to build “Q1 Line,” the world’s first QD display mass production line at Asan Campus. The facility will be used to produce a new type of hybrid Quantum Dot-OLED display (QD-LED) These new displays combine a patterned Quantum Dot Color Conversion layer with a fluorescent blue OLED emitter.

The new line is scheduled to start production in 2021 with an initial 30,000 sheets (8.5 generations) and will produce a huge QD display of 65 inches or larger.

The company announced plans to switch the existing 8G LCD line into a ‘QD’ line step by step and gradually expand production capacity by 2025. In addition, in order to accelerate the commercialization of new ‘QD’ technology, the company plans to shift the existing LCD workforce to ‘QD’ and hire new QD materials research and process development experts.

MUST READ: CNET’s Geoffrey Morrison has an interesting set of diagrams and speculations about how quantum dots would change displays in both the short term (hybrid) and the longer term (direct-view quantum dots).

“Quantum dots are semiconductor particles which luminate close to natural colors. It is the future growth vision of the large display industry. With the investment we will lead the premium display market.” -Samsung Display CEO Lee Dong-hoon

WATCH BELOW: How Quantum Dot company Nanosys sees the QD roadmap


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