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College chose Tecom to upgrade and install AV equip. in its classrooms and auditoriums in preparation for the next academic year

These days, Tecom plans, advises and installs, advanced solutions and AV equipment in colleges and universities in preparation for the next academic year.

Colleges with multiple campuses chose Tecom to upgrade their classrooms and auditoriums during the summer to enhance the learning experience for both students and staff.


Tecom installed pro AV equipment in the college new auditorium

Tecom installed pro AV equipment such as: TecPodium smart AV lecterns, laser projectors, professional screens, robotic cameras with exceptional image sharpness, high-quality microphones, video conferencing systems that enable comfort and effective learning, control and audio systems and other interfaces that are especially suitable for classrooms and auditoriums.

Tecom will ensure that the user experience provided is in high-quality and accurate, which meets all the needs of both lecturers and the students, who report zero glitches and a unique and professional learning experience.


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