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Future Sonics debuts New Spectrum Series G10 Professional Personal Monitors

Introducing Spectrum Series Model G10 Professional Personal Monitors offering wide-spectrum sound in a new micro-sized, more efficient and armature-free voice coil infrastructure

With more than 30 years as the original pioneers producing the finest quality custom Ear Monitors® brand for the world’s top musicians and audio engineers, Future Sonics® is pleased to introduce their latest innovation that features the next generation of their award-winning audio signature; Spectrum Series™ model G10 universal-fit professional personal monitors. The Spectrum Series model G10 offers the industry’s most natural listening experience for live, studio, broadcast, and worship applications. It creates an incredibly smooth ultra wide-spectrum sound in a new micro-sized, more efficient, and armature-free voice coil infrastructure.

Inspired by Philadelphia’s legendary music culture, Spectrum Series™ celebrates the innovative spirit that combines artistry and audio with Future Sonics’ new technologies in professional personal monitoring. Attention to detail is at the forefront of all aspects of the Future Sonics® Spectrum Series™ with a focus on producing the finest audio signature for the most demanding music professionals. 

“We receive countless requests to return to the universal-fit platform after the success of our earlier models, but we had to go beyond anything that we – or anyone else – has done before,” reports Future Sonics’ Founder/CEO, Marty Garcia. 

“Since we design and manufacture our own proprietary miniature speaker technologies, we were successfully able to take our signature sound a step further. We created something special that’s the absolute best in its class.”


—New energy efficient miniature dynamic transducer and voice coil technologies

—New proprietary 32 Ohm 10mm system designed and manufactured by Future Sonics

—New micro-profile structure with a durable applied metallic finish for extended wear and a refined professional style

—New tactile thumb-placement guides on each earpiece indicate left and right – in even the darkest conditions

—New Future Sonics braided cable system offers sound quality, strength, and durability with minimal microphonics

—Smooth, natural, signature sound producing ultra-wide spectrum audio

—Multiple fit options include ComfortFit foam and EarFills silicone sleeves –including sizes for children – offering a more secure connection with the earpiece

—Optional upgrade to custom-fit SofterWear sleeves (at an additional cost plus ear impressions by an authorized audiologist or hearing professional)

The Power of 1®

Future Sonics has unique voice coil and dynamic transducer technologies that provide a smooth, natural HD audio signature – one that is structurally moisture resistant, always in phase, and with energy that you can feel. Why count drivers when you can listen instead and spend the time being one with your music.


Spectrum Series represents an example of intelligent and thoughtful design that continues to be the Future Sonics legacy.

Unlike multi-driver armature (hearing aid-type) configurations or so-called “hybrid” earphones, there are no electronic or comb filtering artifacts, no phase issues, and no crossover dropouts to provide a perfectly balanced, natural and more realistic sound you can feel with a true sense of the audio’s energy.

Bigger Sound at Lower Volume™

Future Sonics professional audio products are recognized by H.E.A.R. as offering the full range of sound and performance at even the lowest volumes. Future Sonics continues to support hearing education and conservation as they have for more than a quarter–century. 


—Future Sonics proprietary 32 Ohm 10mm Dynamic Transducers

—18 Hz – 20,000 Hz Frequency Response

—Sensitivity 113 dB at 30 Hz

—Up to -29 dB Ambient Noise Reduction

—3.5mm (1/8”) Gold Stereo Mini-Plug Connector

—1.27m (50”) Cabling


Future Sonics Spectrum Series model G10 • MSRP/MAP $219.00 USD


Future Sonics products are available now via their website or from their authorized global network of dealers, distributors, authorized audiologists and hearing specialists.

Visit for details, dealer information, and accessories.

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