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Growing Pains: Boca Beach Club Case Study

This case study focuses on the contractor/client relationship between Security & Sound Systems Inc. (SSSI) and Boca Raton Resort & Club in Boca Raton, Florida.  It’s important to remember that every business must make decisions based on budgetary requirements and current needs.  This case study rests on an end-user business decision that was made which caused issues with the prior sound system installation. Luckily, Byard Hey has a great relationship with the end-user and they are well on their way to resolving these issues.

Mr. Hey, a sound and security expert, has been in the field for more than 23 years.  He has ample experience with SoundTube products, having used them since the first product lines.  Byard has been a strong promoter of SoundTube systems due to their outstanding durability, longevity, and ability to seamlessly blend into the landscape.

Boca Raton Resort & Club

The sunny, breezy seashore of Boca Raton, Florida is home to a bountiful coastline of resorts.  While there’s no shortage of hotels to choose from, Boca Raton Resort & Club stands apart from the others.  With three ocean-front pools, a half-mile private beach, luxury oceanfront cabanas, and more luxurious amenities, Boca Raton Resort & Club is the oceanic destination that calls to all of us.

Of course, each outdoor space in the sunny Florida weather needs auditory entertainment, so there would need to be a sizable auditory system set up with many incoming and outgoing channels.  This behemoth project would take time and a significant investment, but it proved to be in Boca’s best interest. Additionally, a great portion of the set-up cost went into funding the purchase of high-quality, industry-leading, weather-resistant speakers.

Previous Client With Full Set-Up

Several years prior to the events in this case study, SSSI completed a full-scale installation that suited the needs of the resort perfectly.  All equipment installed was rated and built for commercial use – a very important factor for the decisions that were to be made in the following years.  The system that Byard created was designed for 20-30 outgoing and 12-24 incoming channels; this was more than sufficient for their audio infrastructure at the time.

Client’s Needs

Recently, Boca Raton Resort & Club called SSSI about issues with their amplifiers; sound was no longer being produced at a sufficient volume, and some channels were barely working.  As Byard arrived to evaluate the problem, it became clear that there was new equipment on the lines and on the equipment rack.  End-users often augment systems with products and installations that suit new renovations and design aspects – this isn’t usually a problem.  However, Boca Raton Resort & Club had hired a contractor who prioritized budget over the quality of the system.

Unlike SSSI, this contractor had installed residential equipment with differing power requirements and amperage.  Without digging into the technical details, what was created was a mismatch of amplitude and Ohms that would ultimately destroy the original amplifiers.  According to Byard Hey, this caused an ongoing predicament that will need to be remedied over time.

Another consideration that needed to be made was the resort’s location.  Florida weather is notoriously harsh on technological equipment and exterior infrastructure.  In order to withstand these extreme environments, the external speakers needed to be weather-resistant and very high quality.  The residential speakers that the previous contractor had added to the system were sub-par for the job – and it showed.

Why MSE’s SoundTube?

Aside from being a great-sounding choice for such a high-end, luxurious resort, SoundTube has industry-leading weather resistance for its XT and WX speakers. Byard Hey’s long history of experience with the brand was another contributing factor; when you know something works, looks good, lasts, and fits the budget, there’s no reason to risk using something else!  SoundTube speakers are well-known for their remarkable coverage and projection of full-bodied sound.  There’s no competition that combines this outstanding audio experience with extreme weather resistance in one convenient package.

Product Selection

Since SoundTube Has such a great selection of high-end, weather-resistant speakers, it was easy to select products from the same brand to fit the job’s requirements.  Mr. Hey chose three SM82-EZ-WX speakers for an outdoor terrace dining area; these speakers have beautiful clarity and reach, despite their small size.  For the outdoor tiki bar, eight of these same speakers were installed to cover the large, open space effectively.

For the new outdoor beach dining area, two XT-SPYKE-PM speakers were used to create wide, horizontal coverage.  These speakers were driven into the ground and have great aesthetics – this is especially important for an outdoor dining space.  The great reach of the SPKYE speakers is due, in part, to their unique shape and angle.  This allowed Byard to use fewer speakers and create less visual tech impact.  Any other brand would have been unable to complete this task with only two speakers.

Finally, twenty-eight XT-850-GN speakers were used in the resort’s outdoor landscape and main pool deck.  These speakers blend seamlessly into the well-manicured landscape design, all while providing unparalleled sound and weather resistance.



Since there has been an ongoing integration of improperly matched technology to the original system, a complete overhaul would have been incredibly expensive.  Byard and Boca Raton Resort & Club are taking a slow replacement approach with everything that the previous contractor installed.  Additionally, during some renovations, Byard also replaced some corroding exterior ceiling speakers – these were selected by the in-between contractor without any consideration to longevity in the extreme Florida weather.

Additional Soundscapes

During the replacements and amplifier fixes, Boca Raton Resort & Club was also building a new outdoor dining area.  This is where Byard used the “SPYKE” speakers – an outstanding product for seamless horizontal audio projection with great coverage.

Installation Issues

According to Byard Hey, there were no significant issues during installation; after all, this is a product that he has used and loved for many years.  He did mention that, during the installation of one of the new extreme weather speakers, there was an issue with the wiring and getting it hooked into the system.  However, Byard was able to contact support and solve the issue on the spot – all without impeding the installation timeline.

MSE Audio and SoundTube’s support team is nothing short of outstanding.  We offer immediate support because we know you have a deadline to meet.  We’ll work with you on the problem until the issue is resolved.  Mr. Hey was able to contact support immediately, get a solution, and fix the problem in a matter of minutes – right in the middle of the speaker installation.

Other Technology Used for the Installation

Byard Hey’s optimal products for the equipment rack are Crown Amplifiers.  For this project, the client would be best suited with two CTS8200 8-channel amplifiers and two CTS4200 4-channel amplifiers.  These are commercial-grade units that can handle the amount of audio traffic that the resort experiences on a daily basis.  When the residential-grade speakers and wiring had been added to the loop, there was a technological mismatch that caused the original amplifiers to fry.

Cutting Corners Doesn’t Cut Costs

If anything can be learned from this case study, it’s that each business and end-user must make decisions that suit the current budget; however, consideration must also be made for the long-term upkeep and maintenance of low-budget systems.  When possible, it’s best to employ a contractor with years of on-the-job experience that uses quality products.  Cutting corners generally causes more service calls, replacements, and recurring costs.

Like Mr. Hey, we believe in our products; SoundTube speakers and other system components are built to withstand anything you throw at them, even salty Florida air.  We combine extreme weather resistance with superior sound quality and a simple design that blends into any landscape or room.  We design, build, and sell only commercial-grade, high-quality products to ensure that your business will be able to rely on these speakers for many years, reducing input and repair costs on a yearly basis.

Don’t settle for less than the best when installing an audio system; reach for SoundTube products and contact a partnered contractor you can trust.

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