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Hitachi House of Worship Promotion Brings Peace-of-Mind to Lake Morena Community Church

At Lake Morena Community Church, community is everything. Beyond its Sunday morning services, the church hosts a variety of events almost every night of the week. With groups of people constantly moving in and out of its sanctuary, it’s extremely important that the church’s leadership stay on top of any facility needs to minimize possible downtime. That’s why, when the church’s main projector failed on a Sunday morning before service, Elder Ken Northcote immediately turned to Shephard Multimedia for help. Together, Northcote and the team at Shepherd Multimedia were able to fit the sanctuary with a new Hitachi CP-WX8265 LCD projector.

The main projector at the church is installed at the front of the sanctuary for the congregation to read scripture, follow lyrics and enjoy other content prepared by the worship team. Outside of Sunday Service, Lake Morena Community Church also uses its projectors for its Celebrate Recovery and for its youth and children’s programs throughout the week. With the church using the projector almost every night, it was important for Northcote to not only quickly replace the old projector, but also ensure that the projector fit the needs of all of its programs.

The sanctuary has three large windows so it can get pretty bright on its own, and the team wanted to make sure the new projector was bright enough so they wouldn’t have to dim the lights. They also wanted to explore the latest technology projectors had to offer for image quality because we hadn’t looked at a new projector in over a decade.

“Brightness and image quality were the two most important features for us in a new projector,” says Northcote. “I knew that the industry had changed drastically, and it was important for us to explore all of the options to make sure we fit the best projector. In the end, Shepherd Multimedia helped us find the new CP-WX8265 Hitachi projector and we’re extremely happy with how much we have improved our worship space while staying within our budget.”

The 6,500 lumen, WXGA resolution projector is part of Hitachi’s Installation LCD Projector line with features including Hitachi’s original Accentualizer technology. The projector also features picture-by-picture and picture-in-picture technology, 360-degree rotation and Perfect Fit 2, the new projector seamlessly integrates with Lake Morena Community Church’s AV control system.

Northcote registered the new projector in Hitachi’s house of worship promotion in order to receive a free lamp replacement.

“The house of worship promotion was a great opportunity for us,” says Northcote. “When the old projector went out, we were down for two weeks. Now, we not only have a brand-new projector, but I also have a back-up lamp for when it needs replacement. Between the free lamp and the projectors’ eco-mode capabilities, I don’t have to worry about downtime for quite awhile.”

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