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Internal Q&A with Liam Joy, Now Managing Sales for Scandinavia and International Developments.

Moving back to Northern Europe following a year-long training at the NYC office, Liam Joy is now International Business Development Manager for Media Vision, with a special focus on Scandinavia.

Moving back to Northern Europe following a year-long work experience in United States, Liam Joy is now International Business Development Manager for Media Vision, based in the United Kingdom and with a special focus on Scandinavia. 

Get to know Media Vision’s new International Business Development Manager, Liam Joy, though this internal Q&A:

Tell us more about your new position as International Business Development Manager? 

Liam: My new role of International Business Development Manager encompasses several aspects of my previous role, including outbound business development and assisting with any international sales inquiries. Further to this, I have become the Regional Sales Manager for Scandinavia where I will be working with local partners to provide intelligible audio and voting systems in a variety of environments. Finally, I look forward to expanding outbound business development and lead generation initiatives to encompass our European offices; a very exciting mission that provides endless opportunities.

What do you bring with you from your year-long experience at the Media Vision New York office?

Liam: Working at the New York office, in proximity to the company founder Fardad Zabetian, and regularly visiting large projects such as the United Nations HQ, I gained invaluable insight into the core values of Media Vision, including its strive to facilitate intelligible and fair communication between parties. In addition, following active outbound campaigns to a diversity of end users, I understand the diversity of functional and aesthetic factors that come into play in the solution-picking process. This learning experience will help me approach the similarly diverse, albeit more mature European markets, when we consider conferencing systems.

What unique value proposition do TAIDEN solutions have to offer to the conferencing market in Northern Europe?

Liam: The TAIDEN brand is now established in Europe and sought-after for innovative, effective, and reliable conference solutions that come with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. Two solutions that I believe will be most valuable to the Scandinavian market are the HCS-5300 series Wireless Digital Infrared Conferencing System for its interference-free and inherently secure audio, and the brand new 3rd Generation of TAIDEN’s Multimedia terminal owing to the sleek design and extensive features.

Working with the Media Vision team ads expertise and unparalleled dedication to customer support and satisfaction.

The European market traditionally cares more about aesthetics, how will you respond to this function-and-design-driven approach?

Liam: Our product range is extensive, we have a wealth of design options and flexible attributes to meet every individual requirement. On the point of aesthetics, it is clear that TAIDEN is now taking the lead in innovative and sleek product design. The nameplate displayed at ISE this year – that just won a digital signage award – and the G3 Multimedia Conference System with ultra-thin touchscreen and line array microphone option, showcase technology infused with modern aesthetics. In addition, upon request TAIDEN makes the customization process easy, with unparalleled delivery time.

How will you transition into your new role in the coming months?

Liam: I am looking forward to visits with AV integrators and partners, creating new relationships and partnerships in the key cities throughout Scandinavia. These visits will also be an opportunity to demonstrate our new and innovative solutions. Furthermore, visits to our offices in France and Belgium will be an important aspect of the transition into my new role with the hands-on training and experience from our European team. I look forward to the vast opportunities that my new position has to offer, always working actively to improve the audio intelligibility across different organizations.

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