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Listen Technologies to Spotlight New Portable System Installations of ListenTALK at ISE 2023

Versatile, all-in-one portable system helps overcome listening challenges in any environment and streamlines interpretation

portable system



BLUFFDALE, UTAH – January 23, 2023 – Listen Technologies Corporation, the leading provider of advanced wireless listening solutions for 24 years, will spotlight recent customer applications of ListenTALK and showcase the full breadth of solution functionality at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Booth 3P750. ListenTALK is Listen Technologies’ simple, portable group communication system. It is an all-in-one solution for assistive listening, tours, training, and interpretation. 


In environments where an installed assistive listening system is not feasible, such as schools and corporate facilities, ListenTALK is a reliable, stand-alone, portable system. ListenTALK is ideal for guided tours at manufacturing facilities, museums, trade shows, conventions, and other venues where background noise, distance, and language make hearing clearly difficult. ListenTALK also makes it easy for interpreters to receive and transmit language interpretation. 


“ListenTALK is popular among integrators and customers because of its simplicity, performance, and versatility. It’s a powerful solution that can be used in various settings to overcome many different listening challenges,” said Maile Keone, president and CEO of Listen Technologies. “We love to demonstrate ListenTALK and share examples of how it is used in courtrooms, classrooms, community centers, and many other environments to facilitate communication. When people experience ListenTALK, their enthusiasm for the product is evident, and that’s very rewarding.”


Among the recent ListenTALK installations and customer case studies Listen Technologies will showcase at ISE are:


  • Crown Center for Senior Living – This independent living community in St. Louis, Missouri, uses ListenTALK for assistive listening. ListenTALK helps residents and patrons with varying degrees of hearing loss connect with one another and overcome feelings of isolation and loneliness.


  • Marvin – A manufacturer in Warroad, Minnesota, uses ListenTALK for tours. With ListenTALK, tour leaders do not have to shout to be heard across distance and noise in its manufacturing facility. ListenTALK also helps tour participants hear clearly and have a more engaging experience. 


  • CHOICE Humanitarian –The West Jordan, Utah-based nonprofit used ListenTALK for interpretation and to facilitate communication when it hosted a conference for guests from around the world. Non-English-speaking participants listened via headphones to interpreters translating in their preferred language in real-time.


How ListenTALK Works


ListenTALK features small, lightweight transceivers (combination transmitter/receiver) that users can wear around their neck and plug into personal or venue-provided headphones or headsets. To speak, users press and hold a button on the transceiver. Clear audio is transmitted to other transceivers paired to their ListenTALK unit. Users can hear as far away as 100 meters indoors and 200 meters outdoors with the portable system. 


Transceivers can easily be grouped for one- or two-way communication in a docking station or on the fly by tapping units together using near-field (NFC) communication. Leaders in each group choose how their group communicates by selecting one of three communication modes: listen only, respond, and discuss. 


Simplified Interpretation 


In addition to assistive listening and guided tours, ListenTALK is ideal for language interpretation and simplifies simultaneous interpretation. It is as easy as creating a separate group for tour participants or audience members with the person interpreting the message. Interpreters can use one ListenTALK transceiver to hear a presenter’s message in their headset and speak the translated words to their audience using one transceiver hands-free. There is no need for interpreters to carry additional equipment.


Up to 30 simultaneous groups can be used in the same space in Europe.


Additional Features and Benefits


  • Flexible – ListenTALK can be used for one-way or two-way communication and leaders can easily switch between modes. The 3-in-1 system also can be used for assistive listening, tours, and interpretation.
  • Secure – ListenTALK operates on a low-interference DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) band and includes encryption for secure and stable communications.
  • Safe – ListenTALK transceivers can be sanitized between use with a disinfecting wipe. They also are compatible with standard earbuds and headsets so listeners can use their own equipment if preferred.
  • Reliable – ListenTALK transceivers charge quickly (4 hours from empty to full charge) and have a long operating life: 7 to 8 hours for leader units and 12 hours for participant units.


“ListenTALK is a listening solution with seemingly limitless applications,” said Sam Nord, vice president of global sales at Listen Technologies. “Our partners and integrators continue to share creative ways their customers are using ListenTALK and offer suggestions on how we can expand functionality and improve the user experience.” 



ListenTALK is available globally. All ListenTALK products are in stock and ready to ship. To learn more about ListenTALK and experience its full functionality, please visit Listen Technologies at ISE 2023 in Booth 3P750. 


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