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Martin Audio Successfully Deployed at Mexico’s 90s Pop Tour Concert

Martin Audio MLA, WPL and SXH218 subs were deployed by Producciones Lemus for a unique 360-degree “90s Pop Tour” Concert in Tijuana, Mexico.

Mexico’s Producciones Lemus recently deployed a comprehensive array of Martin Audio MLA, WPL and SXH218 subs for a unique 360-degree “90s Pop Tour” Concert in Tijuana’s La Plaza de Toros Monumental bullring featuring leading Latin artists.

Supported by Martin Audio’s regional partner Proactive Latin America, the concert featured over 40 performers including Ov7, Magneto, Caló, JNS, Kabah, The Sacados and more. Designed to provide smooth even coverage over 360 degrees, the system included 72 Martin Audio MLA, 24 WPL and 24 SXH218 subs.

To supplement their coverage for events such as the 90s Pop Tour, Producciones Lemus had recently acquired 96 Martin Audio WPL enclosures because of their exceptional coverage and the versatility of Wavefront Precision’s Scalable Resolution capability.

Asked about the event, concert monitor engineer Oscar Tovar explains, “One of the main challenges was to get uniform coverage on a 360 degree stage in a venue with such unique dimensions in the form of a shell.

“As you might be aware, the 90´s pop tour show is unique based on its 360 degrees output,” Oscar continues, “with four stereo faces where none interacts with another in a large bullring where we needed even coverage from front to back. For the main PA, we used 60 MLA in six clusters with 10 boxes each for three sides of the squared stage and two more clusters with 10 units each of WPL on the 4th side of the stage plus 16 WPL divided in clusters of two boxes each with two clusters on each side of the stage for side fills along with 24 SXH218 Subwoofers in bridged mode. We also had 10 iK42 racks with 10 amps in one box resolution for maximum performance.

“The system worked very well, even with the 360-degree stage and a throw of 180 yards. The main characteristic I enjoy mixing on Martin Audio is that I can control and distribute the energy between the audience with great coverage from front to back and side to side. We also get really good comments from people that our show is a different experience because of the legendary Martin Audio sound signature.”

Commenting on Producciones Lemus use of MLA and WPL in the future, Berenice Gutierrez, Director of Martin Audio’s regional partner Pro Active Latin America added, “This quantity of MLA and WPL cabinets ensures they will be able to undertake big productions and fulfill riders for both systems. We also have other rental companies in Latin America adding Wavefront Precision systems to their inventories to ensure more flexibility and the ability to take advantage of potential opportunities in the future.”

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