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PlexusAV AVN Series Integrates NDI Video-Over-IP Standard

PlexusAV AVN Series expands interoperability with AV-over-IP environments through integration with NDI, a high-quality, cost-effective video-over-IP connectivity technology.  

PlexusAV, the professional AV division of Sencore providing a suite of human-focused AV-over-IP solutions, announces the AVN Series features built-in NDI functionalities. The AVN Series, including the IPMX Transceiver (P-AVN4), Plexus Visual Array Appliance (P-AVN-VSA) and Plexus Gateway (P-AVN-GTW), integrates NDI technology to expand compatibility with thousands of video solutions.

NDI is a flexible, cost-effective, and widely adopted audio and video networking protocol for IP transmission and live production. PlexusAV’s NDI-enabled devices create a high-quality, cost-effective solution for video-over-IP distribution. NDI offers another layer of simplified installation, low-latency, and high-performance connectivity into the AVN Series. Featuring an open architecture for interoperability with a large ecosystem of NDI-enabled devices and applications, the AVN Series with NDI empowers seamless integrations and simplified workflows for a myriad of applications and vertical markets.

“We are pleased to introduce NDI-enabled devices as part of our commitment to providing users with AV-over-IP solutions to fit their existing workflows,” said Steven Cogels, global director of business development for PlexusAV. “The AVN Series features NDI to ensure interoperability in a multi-brand AV-over-IP infrastructure. NDI offers reliable, low-latency audio and video transmission over standard IP network to simplify system design and reduce costs – especially when customers are already using NDI on their network.”

Cogels added, “We are focused on providing versatile solutions for the modern professional AV integrator. As part of our commitment to eliminating traditional restrictions behind ecosystems, we are excited to unveil NDI integration to empower our users with flexibility without compromising performance.”

Roberto Musso, technical product marketing director for NDI, highlighted the importance of the NDI community for the development of the NDI ecosystem. Musso added, “The growing community of system integrators and installers adopting our tech and creating innovative workflows daily is one of the main reasons why NDI is one of the fastest-growing connectivity technologies today. The AVN series has been developed with these exact users in mind, so we’re excited to see PlexusAV join our ecosystem and also showcase how NDI can effectively co-exist with other protocols.”

PlexusAV is building interoperable, compatible and adaptable AV-over-IP solutions. The AVN Series, available in Fall 2023, improves AV-over-IP system performance and reliability, and builds stress-free compatible solutions. Based on SMPTE ST 2110, the AVN Series eliminates the stress of selecting an AV-over-IP technology by leveraging a standards-based solution. PlexusAV’s AVN Series is designed and engineered to provide backward- and forward-compatibility to create a reliable, capable and future-proof product. With PlexusAV’s AVN Series, integrators are not locked into a customized ecosystem that limits innovation or requires more network bandwidth than necessary.

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About PlexusAV

Powered by 70+ years of broadcast excellence and experience, PlexusAV is a human-focused AV-over-IP ecosystem of versatile and interoperable products. Established in 2023, PlexusAV is a new division of the trusted Sencore, the high-quality broadcast production company. Based on IMPX, PlexusAV eliminates the stress of selecting an AV-over-IP technology by leveraging a standards-based solution. As a result, PlexusAV is building interoperable, compatible, adaptable and stress-free AV-over-IP solutions. To learn more about PlexusAV, please visit 


NDI is a fast-growing company that delivers the NDI standard for video connectivity. NDI – Network Device Interface – is used by millions of customers worldwide and has been adopted by more media organizations than any other IP standard, creating the industry’s largest IP ecosystem of products.

NDI allows multiple video systems to identify and communicate with one another over IP; it can encode, transmit and receive many streams of high quality, low-latency, frame-accurate video and audio in real-time. The growth of NDI is backed by a growing community of installers, developers, AV professionals, and users who are deeply engaged with the company through community events and initiatives. NDI is part of Vizrt Group.


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