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Proper AVL Power Control Takes Center Stage

Consultant and Lighting Designer Aleksandar Lalicki Trusts LynTec Power Control for Renovated Alejandro Gomory Cultural Forum at Anáhuac Mayab University

Anáhuac Mayab University in Mérida, Yucatán, attracts students not only for its emphasis on business but also for the region’s music, dance, and theater presence. It’s critical that the university continue to invest in its building, infrastructure, and audiovisual systems as part of that rich cultural tapestry. With this in mind, university officials turned its attention to the renovation of the institution’s “Alejandro Gomory” Cultural Forum. Designed by prominent Méridaarchitect Augusto Quijano, the originally 450-seat  auditorium was one of the first and most prominent buildings on campus. However, after 30 years, it had become outdated and under-equipped, with lighting and acoustics that needed a refresh. The university formed an ambitious plan to convert the space into a vibrant, acoustically excellent venue with an expanded stage, improved LED lighting and AV, greater seating capacity and significant upgrades backstage. In addition to engaging an architectural firm, they turned to Aleksandar Lalicki, a theatrical, design, and lighting consultant widely known for his lighting, sound, and video expertise as well as his specialty in working with Mérida’s heritage buildings.


Lalicki has helped redesign several local museums and arts venues, including the new Palácio de la Música and the historic “Peón Contreras” theatre. These buildings have shaped Lalicki’s approach to ensuring beautiful audio, video, and lighting designs. While guests will appreciate Lalicki’s work in what they see and hear, it’s what’s working behind the scenes that’s just as critical of a component to his designs: reliable and easy-to-use power distribution and control. For all-LED stage and theatrical lighting, as well as the audio and video, LynTec remote control breaker panels are Lalicki’s first and only choice.

“LynTec is built for engineers by engineers,” said Lalicki. “It’s built on Schneider Electronics Square D platform, which is already standardized in Mexico. It ships quickly, is space and time saving from an installation standpoint, and simple to use.”



LynTec’s patented RPC Series delivers easy remote setup, control, and monitoring in one panel. It’s the most advanced self-contained controllable breaker panel available today. With web-enabled control and monitoring, it allows users to remotely operate up to 168 motorized circuit breakers from a single controller or establish up to 12 breaker group zones. As a result, AVL systems are properly powered up and down, ensuring longevity of LED lighting, audio, and video components. The built-in browser interface and Android and Apple apps ensures users can monitor and control connected AVL systems from any remote location via smart phone, tablet, or laptop. In addition, it can be directly and easily controlled by QSC Q-SYS™ Platform from a simple preprogrammed plug-in.

The outstanding results Lalicki achieved using LynTec RPC panels on his other projects served a testament and template for the “Gomory” auditorium. The “Gomory’s” stage lighting included 16 Altman Lighting LED PAR fixtures; six Altman Lighting LED ellipsoidals; eight Altman Cyclorama RGBA LEDs; and one Chauvet Professional Ovation SP-300CW LED followspot. The auditorium’s house lighting features ambient color-changing LED fixtures from Axalight. The sound system is comprised of a Allen & Heath SQ-5 digital mixing console; two Allen & Heath DX164 expanders; and a range of Shure microphones, as well as VUE audiotechnik h-Class subs and speakers. Video components include Epson Powerlite Pro laser L1405U large-venue projector, Sony Blu-ray player, Draper Paragon E Matte motorized screen, and Comprehensive CSW-HDBT300M switcher and scaler.



For the installation, LynTec RPC 329 30-circuit panel provided simple and remote on/off control for lighting and video as well as proper audio system sequencing. In addition, it offered the option of using DMX digital multiplex and RDM remote device management controls, which helped the install be more competitive in terms of price. Another benefit of using LynTec panels is that they meet the UL, as well as NOM product safety standards required for all electronic equipment in Mexico and LynTec was able to deliver all the necessary products in less than 10 days, ensuring that the work didn’t fall behind the tight schedule. Once on site, the panels installed easily with one connection.

The grand reopening of the “Gomory” auditorium, now seating 700 patrons, featured an 80-member symphony orchestra, an impossibility before the renovation. After experiencing the success of the opening and the acoustics of the space, the Yucatán Symphony Orchestra decided to change their venue to the “Gomory” auditorium for their winter concert. Upon hearing the new system, one of the university’s professors remarked that the acoustics rivaled the legendary Sydney Opera House Concert Hall.





“I think the “Gomory” installation is going to be a benchmark for the rest of the university auditoriums for its acoustics and its controllable stage lighting and auditorium ambient lighting. It’s important to make both my client and the public audience happy, without breaking the bank. The success of this venue is opening doors for us to continue to work with the university on new projects like the new larger multipurpose sports and cultural space,” said Lalicki.

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