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RCF Covers new Lambs Chapel Burlington Campus

Two and one-half years in the making. The Lambs Chapel has opened their new campus in Burlington, North Carolina. The church’s campus is the second for the non-denominational Evangelical Christian church, with the original campus 10 miles away in Haw River. With the county population continuing to grow, the church decided to build the new campus and will continue to operate both facilities.
     The Burlington campus spans 36 acres and includes a family life center, recreation facilities and an educational complex with children and student ministries, along with toddler and infant centers.
     The main sanctuary is 90,000 square feet with seating for over 2,000 on the main floor and large balcony.
     During the two years of design and preparation, Lambs Chapel relied on Kernersville, North Carolina-based AVL Environments for consultation and implementation of their audio and visual needs.
     As Pastor Brian Biggers has described, “We use all sorts of technology to support our pastors and worship ministry team on a weekly basis.  At The Lambs Chapel we love worshiping our Creator through the artistry He has given to each of us.”
     With said importance, when it came to providing a solution for the chapel AVL Environments owner Brandon Munger noted, “our approach to design is based on two components – a comprehensive needs analysis and people,” noting of the latter, “Each system we design and install is based on face-to-face time with the client determining how technology can be leverage to engage people in the desired manner.”
     For the new sanctuary, Munger had to look at a system that would both bring the pastor closer to the congregation and at the same time be able to provide a broadcast-quality feed to send to their sister sanctuary.
     That was accomplished installing a 4K video production system comprised of two Sony XD Cam stations coupled with two Sony PXW automated cameras operated with a Vaddio Production Crew camera controller and ATEM 1M/E production studio switcher.
     Exploring sound solutions, “I was looking for something in a large format line array and I heard about RCF,” says Munger. “When I initially got to hear them, I knew they would be the right solution.” He continued, “And when I discovered the price-performance ratio of the RCF arrays, I knew I was providing the right solution for those who are also cautious stewards of the Lord’s money.”
     AVL Environment’s specification called for two line arrays each with seven RCF HDL20-A dual 10” active line array modules with four SUB8006-AS dual 18” active subwoofers mounted under the stage.
     “We were surprised that the coverage was so even, especially considering the positioning of the array and the height of the balcony,” says Brandon. “We’re within 1.5 dB from front to back.
     “The RCF Shape Designer software was super helpful in us properly positioning and aiming the arrays. We only had to do some minor adjustment, although that was primarily due to the repositioning of the roof cloud from the original position specified in the architectural drawings.”
     Four RCF SUB8006-AS active dual 18” subwoofers are tucked in chambers left and right under the stage. As it is a poured concrete stage, there is very little low frequency resolution affecting stage activities.
     “The response from the church congregants has been tremendously positive noting there is so much more presence than they previous experienced,” said the church’s Media Production Director Brandon Patton, “with increased dynamics as well as intelligibility.”

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