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Snap One WattBox 800 Series features eight-outlet 1U IP power conditioning

The WattBox 800 Series fro Snap One (formerly SnapAV) is a 1U 8-Outlet IP Power Conditioner that was designed to deliver individually controlled and metered outlets, OvrC functionality, and an innovative LED faceplate that displays crucial power and connectivity info. The added features were all based on Snap One Partner requests, according to the company.

“Our Partners told us they need a single rack unit power conditioner with the full functionality of our popular WattBox 800 Series, and we are thrilled to deliver with this new 8-outlet model that optimizes rack space,” said Emily Jones, Snap One senior director of product management, power category.

WattBox 800 Enables Advanced Troubleshooting

The new 8-outlet 800 Series Power Conditioner provides immediate information thanks to the new LED faceplate on the front with indicators that denote internet connectivity, outlet-specific current, and proper grounding.

Additionally, front-facing buttons allow local reset of individual or multiple outlets. These features, combined with the powerful remote management capabilities of the OvrC platform, enable advanced troubleshooting – whether integrators are onsite or remote.

Like all WattBox products, the 800 Series 1U 8-Outlet IP Power Conditioner is compatible with the industry’s most popular control systems, including Control4. An advanced Telnet API enables integration with any third-party control system, so Partners can program unique features or create custom solutions to monitor WattBox products across thousands of sites.

With WattBox’s scheduling and auto-reboot feature, OvrC remote management, and a client-facing mobile app, Snap One Partners can rest assured they have the most advanced remote system management solution available.

Safe Voltage Protection in the WattBox 800 Series

As an 800 Series model, this SKU (WB-800CH1U-IPVM-8) provides surge protection and power conditioning with Safe Voltage to protect connected products from unsafe conditions. With its single-rack size, eight outlets plus an accessory outlet in the front, and an optional UPS battery add-on, it’s an excellent addition for any Snap One Partner’s toolbox.

“The more variety and flexibility we provide for Partners, the more useful their OvrC ecosystems can become, allowing for instant insight into unlimited locations and endpoints,” Jones said. “With auto-reboots and remote troubleshooting options that can reduce truck rolls and enable better, faster customer service, OvrC offers reliable, superior performance that directly benefits their bottom line.”

The WattBox 800 Series 1U 8-Outlet IP Power Conditioner is now available on, through Control4, Pakedge, and Triad dealer portals, and at Snap One Local Pro Stores in the U.S.

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