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New InfoComm Special Reports

Here are the most recent reports from InfoComm

Written for the AV professional, InfoComm Special Reports offer an insider’s view of the innovative technologies and companies that make the AV industry dynamic and exciting. These special reports feature an in-depth view of the trends and issues facing the professional AV industry. Check out these recent special reports:

Interactivity at Live Events: “You’d be surprised the extent to which people have come to expect interactivity on screens at events,” explains one executive whose company creates custom, interactive media. Or maybe you wouldn’t be surprised. But as audiences expect to touch, gesture toward and otherwise mingle with the AV technology at live events, the next step for planners and AV companies will be turning those encounters into business intelligence.

Holographic Projection: Ahead of the Curve or Hipster Novelty? Several years ago, rapper Tupac Shakur took to the stage. The only thing was, he’d been deceased more than 15 years and the Tupac on stage was the product of cutting-edge projection technology. For many at the time, holographic projection looked like the next big thing in live-event production, but in the years since, it’s proven a challenge to pull off the stunning effect for modern, tech-savvy audiences. What’s holding us back? Read the special report.

Making Digital Signage Stand Out Digital signage is all grown up. In a short time, it has proven to be an effective, pervasive AV medium for communicating information, influencing behavior and showcasing brands. So how can digital signage be better? How can digital signage users ensure their solutions achieve their goals instead of just generating visual noise? “It’s all about engaging the viewer and motivating them to take the action,” says one expert. This InfoComm special report offers ideas.

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