InfoComm '09 Products: Video

Christie LED projection, Stewart Filmscreen's new-construction screens, Digital Projection's sealed projector, more 6/11/2009 7:32 AM Eastern

InfoComm '09 Products: Video

Christie LED projection, Stewart Filmscreen's new-construction screens, Digital Projection's sealed projector, more


Christie's new Entero LED projection system is designed for control room and videowall applications. The company calls it the first LED-based SXGA+ and WUXGA projection display system, offering 600 ANSI lumens of brightness for illuminating Christie's 50-, 67- and 72-inch display cube platforms. The LED-illuminated, single-chip DLP product family includes Christie LiteLOC and ColorLOC for automatic, independent brightness and color management, plus Christie ArrayLOC, which continually matches color and brightness levels for every cube, across an entire display wall. The LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours, and with no moving or consumable parts, such as filters, the company says maintenance is minimal. Christie. 714-236-8610.

New at InfoComm '09

Planar's Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System supports mission-critical operation with minimal installation space. The Clarity Matrix LCD has a narrow bezel, is only 4 1/8 inches deep, and mounts close to the wall. It features 46-inch, 700-nit LCD panels for landscape or portrait configurations; 7.3 mm image-to-image gaps when tiled; redundant power supplies; and built-in, network-based health monitoring, status, and control. The system is designed for continuous operation, according to the company, with off-board, rack-mounted electronics and power supplies. Planar Systems. 503-748-1100.

New at InfoComm '09

Hitachi's Professional Series projectors include the CP-X10000, CP-WX11000, and CP-SX12000, and are intended for use in high-end professional AV applications such as auditoriums, lecture halls, large houses of worship, and staging productions, according to the company. The CP-X10000 offers XGA resolution with 7,500 ANSI lumens; the CP-WX11000 supports WXGA resolution and a 16:10 aspect ratio with a brightness of 6,500 ANSI lumens; and the CP-SX12000 offers SXGA+ resolution and a brightness of 7,000 ANSI lumens. All three models deliver a 2,500:1 contrast ratio and feature inorganic LCD panels that the company says enable longer projector life. They also feature networking connectivity, RS-232 network bridges, and dust-resistant cooling systems. Hitachi Home Electronics Business Group. 800-654-7013.


Sony has rolled out several new LCD business projectors, including five new mobile projectors and three table-top units. Each model supports XGA resolution. The M Series (VPL-MX20 and VPL-MX25) models produce a 2,500-lumen color light output and were designed to match the Sony VAIO notebook line. The D Series (VPL-DX10, VPL-DX11, and VPL-DX15) mobile projectors offer color light outputs of 2,500 to 3,000 lumens and accept several inputs signals, including PC and video. The VPL-MX25 and VPL-DX15 models are network-ready, compliant with Windows Vista, and offer wireless networking functions, such as file viewing, remote monitoring and maintenance, streaming video viewing, and a remote desktop that lets users access files and folders on their laptop remotely. Sony Electronics.

New at InfoComm '09

The XTP HD-300 is Digital Projection's first environmentally sealed projector. With 4,500 lumens and a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, the 3-chip DLP projector can be configured with an integrated media server, making it well suited for large-screen digital signage, according to the company. The XTP's closed-loop heat exchanger maintains the device's specified thermal range while preventing environmental contaminants, like dust and water, from compromising its performance, says DPI. The XTP doesn't have air filters nor does it rely on air from the projection environment for cooling the chassis. Digital Projection International. 770-420-1350.

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InfoComm '09 Products: Video

Christie LED projection, Stewart Filmscreen's new-construction screens, Digital Projection's sealed projector, more


The latest classroom projectors from Epson include the PowerLite 84, 85, 825, and 826W models. All four offer an extended lamp life up to 6,000 hours, according to the company, a built-in closed captioning decoder, USB plug-n-play, an internal 10-watt loudspeaker, network connectivity for remote presentations via wired LAN, and optional wireless connectivity. The models are also the company's first to offer a dedicated microphone input that allows teachers to amplify their voices via the internal loudspeaker. The PowerLite 84 and 85 provide 2,600 lumens white light output and 2,600 lumens color light output, plus XGA resolution. The PowerLite 825 offers 3,000 lumens each of white and color light output and XGA resolution. The 826W features 2,500 lumens of white and color light output and WXGA resolution. Epson America.


LG's new Smart Vine Virtual Desktop monitors (X-Series) allow up to 11 users to connect to a single PC via Cat 5e/6 cables, with each user running their own applications, as if they had their own PC. According to LG, such a setup should mean easier installation, as well as reduced maintenance, IT support, and energy consumption compared to using multiple computers. The Smart Vine monitors are available in 17-inch (model N1742L-BF) and 19-inch (model N1941W-PF) class sizes. The 19-inch class widescreen monitor can display video with a 4:3 (800x600) aspect ratio within the widescreen format (16:10) without stretching or elongating the image. LG Electronics. 800-243-0000.


New from Stewart Filmscreen, the Visionary Grande is a retractable electric screen designed for new construction. Featuring a large-format, self-finishing, bezel-style screen, the Visionary Grande accommodates 10- to 18-foot screen sizes previously unavailable with Stewart's ElectriScreen. It's suitable for large boardrooms, conference rooms, and similar venues that would benefit from a ceiling-mounted screen, plus the company says it's easy to install; a winch lifting system facilitates mounting the screen to the ceiling and leveling the screen to the ceiling. The outer housing is available to ship in advance to speed up the building process, allowing installers to pre-wire during the construction's electrical rough-in period. Stewart Filmscreen Corp. 800-762-4999.

New at InfoComm '09

The new PG-F325W projector from Sharp offers WXGA resolution and 3,000 lumens of brightness. Displaying 720p from HD sources and at a 16:10 aspect ratio, the PG-F325W provides an expanded color palette using BrilliantColor technology with multicolor processing, says the company. With RJ-45 LAN connectivity, HDCP-compliant DVI-I input, and built-in closed captioning, the PG-F325W aims to meet the needs of professionals in corporate, education, and house of worship applications. The sealed system, along with a filter-free design and quiet cooling fan, also suits the projector to rental, staging, government, and other extended-use environments, says Sharp. Sharp Electronics Corp. 866-484-7825.


The Telepresence T3 and E20 VoIP Video Phone from Tandberg offer two options for communicating face-to-face across long distances. The T3 is highly immerssive, with up to 1080p HD on three 65-inch custom LCD screens. The scalable system also includes a table with three built-in Touch Collaboration Screens, and ceiling-mounted lighting. The E20 desk phone merges voice, video, and collaboration into a single service. The scalable solution features high-quality IP telephone, firewall traversal, high-resolution camera with integrated privacy shutter, and DVD-quality video on a 10.6-inch WXGA LCD display. Tandberg. 866-826-3237.

InfoComm '09 Products: Video

Christie LED projection, Stewart Filmscreen's new-construction screens, Digital Projection's sealed projector, more

New at InfoComm '09

The NEC NP3250W projector uses a Stacking Correction Tool, a digital camera, and scalable technology to meet the needs of applications that require larger screen sizes and higher brightness by converging up to four projectors at a time. When combined, the projectors emit up to 16,000 lumens of brightness. Other features include Windows Network Drive; support for JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, MPEG2, and WMV9 file formats; wired or wireless networking; Silicon Optix HQV technology, which the company says delivers home theater-level video quality for professional settings; 1280x800 WXGA resolution; and horizontal and vertical lens shift. NEC Display Solutions. 800-836-0655.


The new Xpresenter vClips Video Kiosk from X2O Media is an interactive video application that allows users to browse and play back video clips through a touch-screen surface. The system features unlimited categories and expandable video storage, support for major video formats, and customizable category and pop-up messages tied to the video timeline. Installed as a stand-alone application or as part of a multilocation, networked solution with X2O's Xpresenter Server, vClips offers customers the choice of managing video content themselves through a Web control page or allowing X2O to manage the content from its operations center. X2O Media. 888-987-7557.


Sonic Foundry has upgraded its Mediasite platform for content delivery. Mediasite 5.1 has new capabilities to further automate and manage Mediasite Recorders, which are webcasting appliances that encode and synchronize video and DVI/VGA images as rich media presentations. Both room-based Mediasite RL Recorders and portable Mediasite ML Recorders now have a redesigned 5.1 recording interface and support enhanced scheduling and recording automation for better efficiency and campuswide scalability, according to the company. Sonic Foundry. 877-783-7987.


Barco has begun shipping its new NSL-4601 professional grade, narrow-bezel 46-inch LCD display with WXGA resolution. It's designed for tiled videowall applications in small to medium-sized control rooms, according to the company. The bezel width is less than 2.4 mm along the right and bottom; less than 4.3 mm along the top and left side. It supports up to 1080p/50 resolution, with VGA/DVI-D in and out. It has a contrast ratio of 3,000:1 and 8 ms response time. Barco. 916-859-2500.


Da-Lite Screen Company and Joe Kane Productions have rolled out a new line of projection screens targeted to post production and commercial facilities. The new JKP Affinity Screen series was developed for 1080p projectors and include HD Progressive proprietary fabrics with low gain for a wide viewing angle and better image uniformity, according to the company. Da-Lite Screen Company. 574-267-8101.

InfoComm '09 Products: Video

Christie LED projection, Stewart Filmscreen's new-construction screens, Digital Projection's sealed projector, more


Sharp has expanded its 3-chip DLP projector suite with the new XG-P560W model. The installed projector is the company's first professional WXGA, 0.65-inch 3-chip DLP offering, according to Sharp. It combines 5,200 ANSI lumens of brightness with 1280x800 native resolution and a 1,800:1 contrast ratio. It comes with seven interchangeable lenses and a dual-lamp lighting system that offers redundancy for uninterrupted presentations, says the company. The XG-P560W's built-in video-processing chip, the CV-IC II System, aims to smooth jagged edges, minimize image noise, and create a rectangular image using keystone correction to produce the sharpest possible image. Sharp Electronics Corp. 866-484-7825.

New at InfoComm '09

Projectiondesign is debuting its new FL32 projector, the company's first LED-based projection system. The configurable, single-chip DLP projector supports 1080p and WUXGA image resolutions (at 5,700 lumens) and can be used in front- or rear-projection installations with a contrast ratio of 7,500:1. According to the company, the product is aimed at everything from single and multichannel systems, to 24/7 process control monitoring, advanced visualization, 3D stereoscopic applications, simulation, curved domes, and single-screen video. Projectiondesign. 888-588-1024.

New at InfoComm '09

The recently upgraded ZvPro 250 HD video distribution system from ZeeVee now supports 1080i output. The company says its goal for the upgrade is to allow distribution of HD video using traditional methods, such as simple coax and tuners in TVs. The ZvPro 250 encodes and delivers MPEG-2 transport streams modulated as QAM256 TV channels over the full cable TV spectrum, producing HD video that can be directly received by any current HDTV. This allows end-to-end solutions to be constructed at much lower cost points, says the company. The number of HDTVs that can receive the broadcast from a single ZvPro 250 is reportedly unlimited. ZeeVee. 978-467-1395.

New at InfoComm '09

Mitsubishi's XD280U and XD250U projectors come with a 10-watt loudspeaker and audio mix capability, closed-captioning decoder, visual public addressing feature, and navigation menus specifically designed for the education market. The XD280U and XD250U projectors emit 3,000 and 2,700 lumens, respectively, and have a built-in RJ-45 port for remote operation and management over a LAN, WAN, or the Internet. Simultaneous real-time Message Display via the Visual PA feature allows the administrator to remotely create and distribute messages in real time to projectors connected to the LAN. Both projectors are designed with two 3.5 mm audio inputs as well as variable audio out 3.5 mm for controlling volume levels. Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. 800-769-1268.


The new LM-702HD Dual 7-inch HD Color Monitor from TV One is the latest addition to the company's line of broadcast LCD displays. The device provides inputs for SDI (SD-SDI or HD-SDI) with an active looping output, analog RGBHV, YPbPr Component video, Composite video, and YC. Front-panel tally LEDs can be activated externally through the DB9 connector. The menu offers the controls to adjust the contrast, brightness, sharpness, color level, and other parameters necessary for monitor performance, while the on-screen display shows the results of each adjustment. The LM-702HD also offers a blue-only mode and a tilt feature. TV One. 800-721-4044.


Optoma's new TX783 Multimedia Projector is a DLP-based projector that supports 5,000 lumens and XGA resolution with a center lens design, motorized lens shift, zoom, and focus, plus connectivity and networking capabilities to accommodate conference facilities and large auditoriums. Utilizing Texas Instrument's DarkChip3 DMD DLP and Brilliant Color technologies, the TX783 includes a 3,000:1 contrast ratio and can be operated directly through the control panel, which can be accessed with an Internet browser on a network-connected PC. Up to 99 projectors can be controlled and monitored from a master PC using the company's projector management software. Connectivity options include HDMI, DVI, VGA, S-Video, Composite, RS-232, USB, and RJ-45. Optoma Technology. 408-383-3700.


The new WVM6800+ Quad card from Harris is a quad-split multiviewer-in-a-card that brings high-quality, multi-image display processing functionality to the company's 6800+ modular core processing platform. The card offers auto-sensing of all input formats, including 3 Gbps, HD-SDI, SDI, and Composite sources, plus simultaneous DVI and HD-SDI outputs, says the company. As a three-slot module in the 2RU 6800+ frame, the QVM6800+ requires little rack space, which permits up to six quads to populate a single frame. The module also offers resolutions up to 1920x1200p and includes embedded audio and video alarm capabilities. Consuming as little as 15 watts of power, the QVM6800+ also provides a greener option for AV studio and production applications, according to Harris officials. Harris Corp. 330-865-7552.

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