What's New: AV Technology

The Kramer Electronics TP-551 and TP-552 transmit HDMI signals at 1080i resolution up to 200ft. over two Cat-5e cables without 3/01/2008 7:00 AM Eastern

What's New: AV Technology

Mar 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin



The Kramer Electronics TP-551 and TP-552 transmit HDMI signals at 1080i resolution up to 200ft. over two Cat-5e cables without the use of intermediary reclocking devices such as signal repeaters. The TP-551 transmitter and TP-552 receiver offer a simple and inexpensive solution for HDMI signal transmission over long distances for use in home theater installations and presentation and multimedia applications. The units offer up to 1.65Gbps bandwidth per graphic channel, and they are HDCP-compliant and HDTV-compatible. They pass the EDID, HPD, and CEC signals from the source to the display device across the Cat-5e cables.
▪Kramer Electronics


The C2C wall-mount power filter by APC AV delivers clean, protected power to wall-mounted flatpanel displays. The compact, discreet filter includes two outlets that let through less than 40V to keep equipment safe from power surges; isolated input and output noise filter banks to help eliminate electromagnetic and radio frequency (EMI/RFI) interference as sources of AV-signal degradation; and LED status indicators that alert users and installers to changing power conditions and filtering, protection, overload, and wiring faults. The unit includes an industrial-strength hook-and-loop fastener for fast mounting and dual power cords for simplified installation.


The UV1-S-16X transmission system from Hall Research Technologies is composed of one rackmount sender and one or more receiver units (sold separately). The basic sender converts VGA video inputs and phantom power signals into a format that can be transmitted using a single inexpensive and commonly available UTP cable with RJ-45 connectors. The sender can use UTP, shielded twisted-pair, Cat-5, Cat-5e, or Cat-6 cables. At the receiving end, a compatible receiver is used to convert the UTP signal back to VGA and power.
▪Hall Research Technologies

Projector Mount Package


The A2642NS and CA2642NS height-adjustable media carts from Bretford feature welded pullout shelving that provides a secure platform and reduces setup time. The A2642NS has three open shelves, while the CA2642NS includes a lower locking cabinet to store equipment and deter tampering and theft. Both models are 24in. wide by 18in. deep and can be adjusted from 26in. high to 42in. high by adjusting four screws. They offer enough room on the top shelf to accommodate a 20in.-diagonal monitor, and they are available with locking brakes and either 4in. or 5in. swivel casters for easy movement.
▪Bretford |


The Da-Lite Screen Company Advance Projector Mount and Ceiling Plate Package includes the UPM-1 universal projector mount, the CPM-ACP above-ceiling plate, and the CM-P6 6in.-long pipe. A second package also includes the CPM-PLC plenum cover, which allows the CPM-ACP to be used in plenum ceilings. The UPM-1 mount holds projectors weighing up to 50lbs., and it features adjustable feet for micro adjustments. It also includes mounting and security hardware. The CPM-ACP mounts above a finished ceiling, and it includes a ceiling plate, sliding coupling, a mounting package set including four wires with Kwik Loc cable joiners for easy installation, and a black escutcheon finishing ring. The CPM-PLC plenum cover features a removable lid for easy access and side knockouts for conduit, as well as an electrical junction box.
▪Da-Lite Screen Company



The PolyVision Thunder Express realtime collaboration system is designed to allow small groups to share information in realtime, regardless of location, facilities, or time zone. One or more displays and a PC can be combined with Thunder Express software to turn any meeting space, training room, classroom, or office into a Thunder environment which data can be edited by participants in the Thunder-equipped space itself, or by remote participants connected from any computer.
▪PolyVision |


The Peerless Industries SmartMount 600 line of mounts features a forgiving open-wallplate design for installation flexibility, and it can accommodate sets ranging from 23in. to 60in. The mount's low-profile outline provides plenty of space for a four-outlet electrical gang box to be placed within the plate's perimeter, leaving sufficient room for cable management behind the mounted TV.
▪Peerless Industries


Tripp Lite Easy-Pull cables enable installers to accomplish long cable runs for custom video installations in a wide range of applications — including home/business theaters, school and corporate training facilities, and retail video signage — while maintaining compliance with stringent building codes. The cables feature molded, detachable connectors and threaded-end caps with integrated pulltabs that tolerate up to 30lbs. of pull force. Because bulky connectors are added on after the cable is run, Easy-Pull cables can be installed through conduit and drop ceilings.
▪Tripp Lite |



The Doremi Labs GHX-10 cross converter features HDMI, DVI, and SDI connectors, and it allows for any input to be converted to any output format or scan rate. It supports both SD and HD video and features audio support, sync output, and genlock. The GHX-10 can be used as a computer DVI-to-HD-SDI converter, an HDMI resolution converter, or an HD-video upconverter or downconverter.
▪Doremi Labs |


The BTX MaxBlox CD-MX915HH half-hood functions as a full-size hood in a smaller footprint to provide installers with optimal strain relief in high-density applications for AV, home theater, and security, and to solve the problem of a full-size hood being too long to fit behind a wall when mounted to a plate. The new half-hood is the same width as the MaxBlox D-sub connector, making it ideal for any high-density application where numerous MaxBlox D-subs need to be mounted side by side.
▪BTX |


Tripp Lite's new HDMI version 1.3-certified connectivity products include the B119-303-R 3-to-1 HDMI switch with remote, the P166-001-A HDMI active wallplate, the P166-001-P HDMI passive wallplate, and the B123-001 HDMI signal extender. The switch permits users to select one of three HDMI sources to display on a single monitor. The wallplates permit efficient and hidden connection between an HDMI source and a display device. The signal extender or the active wallplate with its built-in signal booster can be used to connect an HDMI source to a display device up to 150ft. away.
▪Tripp Lite |


The Cabletime LAN-Caster digital terrestrial or satellite TV-to-LAN (IP) gateway delivers live digital-terrestrial broadcasts (DVB-T) or digital-satellite broadcasts (DVB-S2) directly to any networked PC or display device, such as a plasma or LCD, via a LAN. A 3RU chassis allows users to mix and match digital-terrestrial TV (DVB-T) and digital-satellite TV (DVB-S2) and MPEG-2/-4 streams from local sources. One LAN-Caster blade can be connected to a digital video terrestrial or satellite source to deliver up to 11 channels of live TV and radio, while up to eight additional MediaStar Evolution blades can be added to allow users to receive up to 99 channels.
▪Cabletime |


The Aurora Multimedia XPC HD playback PC features a small footprint that allows two units to be rackmounted side-by-side in a single rack space. Powerful internal features including an HDMI video output port capable of 1080p output from HDCP source material enable the system to deliver high-definition multimedia and run and manage digital signage content-management applications. The PC uses separate co-processors to handle audio and video, while the main processor is left to handle massive amounts of data manipulation.
▪Aurora Multimedia


The For-A MBP-100SX is the first release in the company's MediaConcierge content management system. The baseband converter converts XDCAM HD MXF files to baseband video and HD-SDI signals, and vice versa, in realtime for applications requiring baseband video. This converter uses a new MBP video card developed by For-A that supports XDCAM HD, DVCPRO HD, and AVC-Intra tapeless media files. For-A will develop additional converters, including one for H.264 and another for AVC-Intra. Both will use an MBP board and will be part of the MediaConcierge product family, depending upon future market needs.
For-A Corporation of America

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