Technics’ Reference Class R1: This $60,000 speaker system sounds so good we’re having trouble doing our jobs (video review)

By Caleb Denison, Digital Trends
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By Caleb Denison, Digital Trends

Technics reference-class R1 System

We recently received a 700lb shipment that included two Technics’ SB-R1 Speakers, an SE-R1 power amplifier, and an SU-RI Network Audio Control Player. All, told, the total system cost with interconnect cables and premium Kimber Moncale LX 15-ft speaker cablescomes to about $60,000. No other audio system that’s graced our listening room here at DT has captivated and mesmerized our staff quite like Technics Reference system. Seriously, some of us are having trouble getting our jobs done because we can’t peel ourselves away. This is the sort of audio system that you must hear to understand. Listening to tracks that we’ve heard 100s of times — and on excellent systems at that — is now a revelation of once hidden nuance and detail. Not only are we hearing things we’d never heard before, we’re hearing it in a way we’ve never heard it before. A music system that sounds like a live performance is a tough goal to attain, but Technics’ flagship nails it. Check out our video review for a close look at the gorgeous gear.



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