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D-Cinema Installers

One recent evening, just after I finished editing this month's cover story on the installation of Sony 4K digital-projection systems in Chicago's Rosemount


New Day at NSCA

The news that InfoComm and NSCA will consolidate their tradeshows under the InfoComm umbrella was hardly shocking in the sense that it had been speculated


POV: EZip is Easy

Two years ago, InfoComm's Manufacturers Council and its Sound, AudioVisual, and Video Integrators (SAVVI) Council embarked on a joint project to create


InfoComm Strikes Again

Just home from InfoComm at press time, and I'm still digesting the show and the many industry trends that it portends for us all. The buzz word obviously

Digital Signage

Still More Signs

Welcome to Sound & Video Contractor's digital signage extravaganza. As we hit the InfoComm trail, we thought it made sense to comprehensively examine


New Sports Paradigm

InfoComm's presence in Anaheim, Calif., this year returns me to my old stomping grounds. That's where I spent chunks of a former lifetime, dwelling in


Customer Communication

Just home from Orlando, Fla. another NSCA in the history books, and what's the primary lesson I took from this year's show? It's the extent to which AV


Intelligent Buildings

This month's cover story from Dan Daley about the massive IT networking infrastructure expertly woven into Manhattan's Hearst Tower is particularly apropos

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