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On The Circuit

This month’s issue is heavily focused on houses of worship, so it’s a good time to bring up a project I’m working on with my colleagues at Mix.

We’re collaborating on an event in Nashville next month. I’d like to encourage you to attend if that’s doable, especially if you’re in the area. We’re holding the event at Belmont University on November 12th. It’s a very beautiful venue and they’ve been really generous in making us welcome. We are putting together a combination of gear demos, case studies, and panel discussions that touch on live music, as well as on design and best practices for live systems. Mix takes the live/production side; SVC will be covering topics the speak to another priority in modern worship—supporting expansion through AV. That may mean supporting a bigger building or a bigger campus, or a virtual mission through streaming. But it also means leveraging AV to expand capacity without bricks and mortar. Today’s networked systems can often translate to better and more flexible use of existing space.

So we’ll look a lot at intelligibility, networking, streaming, audio and display options that can expand a church’s mission in both quality and capacity.

Plus we’ll have fun with some Christian musical guests and of course networking amongst our peers with common goals in the worship market. We’ll eat. And if you wish you can join us for an excursion to nearby Music Row studies—where we’ll have an incredible lineup of behind-the scenes tours, ending with a party at Ocean Way Recording. You can register at proaudioliveevent/how/ Hope to see you there. And if you’re interested in presenting, let me know and we’ll see if it’s a fit.

Speaking of which, I just got off a webcast a few minutes ago with longtime compression expert Chuck Van Dusen. He put together an educational piece on some of the hottest topics in video including HDR, HDCP and resolution vs. distance. You can still get it on demand from our website.

One final thing in a return to the topic of worship. This month, my childhood pastor passed on to a spiritual place that is no doubt as unique as he was. Musician, activist, wise man, and fearless pursuer of empathy, he was in my life for all my life so far. His work and his soul touched every chapter and will continue to do so. I mention it, because if you have a spiritual mentor don’t miss a chance to soak it up and say thank you. The people who choose that work do some heavy lifting and it never hurts to remember what a blessing they are.

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