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LG’s RE’ST is a concept speaker/projector combo in the form of a window shade

In an effort to convert more square footage into audiovisual space, LG has unveiled RE’ST, a concept speaker and projector combo that takes the form of a window shade. A collaboration between LG and Korea Design Membership, the speaker is hidden in plain view as the top bar of the window shade, and the screen its self is rollable, rolling up into the bar when not in use. The blinds house a rear-projector, which can display videos as well as quality-of-life features such as a personal calendar or weather report. Customizable mood lighting is also featured on the rear, which is a nice touch.

The front panel features LED indicators for volume and other information, and the entire device can be controlled via the LG RE’ST ASSISTANT touch-screen remote. The remote’s assistant function allows for personal planning, logging tasks, routines, and setting reminders. Though just a concept device with no known release date, the LG RE’ST is showcased in three different colorways.


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