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Universal Studios puts pressure on Disney with upcoming DreamWorks Land

Universal Studios is continuing to put the pressure on Disney in their ongoing theme park turf battle in Orlando, Florida. While Disney has not announced any expansions or additional rides to Walt Disney World, Universal is currently building their fourth theme park at the Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Epic Universe. New reveals now show that Epic Universe isn’t the only expansion Universal is working on.

Universal’s KidZone closed in January of this year, and speculation has continued as to why, or what might replace it. Universal has now announced that it is being replaced by a brand new “land,” one that is themed around DreamWorks Animation characters.

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“As guests step into this new land, their imaginations will run wild as they take in the vibrant colors, sights and sounds that surround them. They will share special moments with their favorite characters like Gabby from Gabby’s Dollhouse and explore themed, interactive play spaces and attractions that bring popular franchises like Shrek, Trolls, and Kung Fu Panda to life in the most imaginatively fun ways,” the company shared.

While further specifics weren’t shared by Universal, Theme Park Tourist seems to have gotten the scoop as to upcoming attractions.

“Rumors have hinted that the former Fivel’s Playland area is currently being transformed into Shrek’s Swamp,” the website states.

“In addition to the playground and roller coaster attractions, there will be a character meet and greet areas in this land where guests can meet a rotating cast of familiar faces from DreamWorks films as well as new characters from upcoming movies, similar to the former DreamWorks Destination attraction,” the website reported.



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