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Blaze Audio Wall-S1

The Blaze Audio Wall-S1 Smart Networked Controller is designed to connect, configure, and control installed systems; it supports the company’s Smart PowerZone Connect DSP amplifiers, including seven current models ranging in power from 120W to 3000W across up to four zones depending on model and application. (PowerZone Connect 122, 252, 254, 504, 1002, 1502, 2004, and 3004). In its simplest application, the Wall-S1 enables end-user control of input source and volume, over PoE, via a single network cable. It goes deeper with many advanced features and settings that system installers can easily configure for any room or location. Up to eight Wall-S1 controllers can be added to a single amplifier, and the intuitive menu provides an easy, customizable interface to provide a experience for the end-user. This capability facilitates the ability to use multiple control points throughout a room or series of rooms. It is possible to allocate any WallS1 to any sound zone via the PowerZone Control web app. The system offers PIN code protection for basic and advanced access, including system shutdown when leaving a location. The Wall-S1 comes in black or white with modern aesthetics.

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