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Listen Technologies to Showcase Listening Solution, ListenIR at ISE 2023

Listening solution has legacy of outstanding performance and reliability; can extend usefulness of competitor systems

portable system


BLUFFDALE, UTAH – December 6, 2022 Listen Technologies Corporation, the leading provider of advanced wireless listening solutions for 24 years, will showcase the full capabilities of ListenIR at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2023 in Booth 3P750. 


ListenIR from Listen Technologies transmits clear, focused sound via infrared (IR) light directly to the listener without amplifying ambient noise. The product offers reliable coverage and a cost-effective and easy way to install a solution for assistive listening, interpretation, and other wireless audio applications. ListenIR iDSP (Intelligent Digital Signal Processing) receivers are compatible with other manufacturers’ transmitters/radiators and provide superior audio quality and a better user interface than other available receivers. They also can extend the usefulness of systems that have ceased production.


The listening solution differs from other infrared assistive listening systems in the market with patented technology that offers twice the infrared power and up to six times the coverage area. The result is that ListenIR users experience fewer audio dropouts and dead zones, especially compared to other manufacturers’ infrared assistive listening systems. 


“Flexibility and reliability are crucial qualities of any listening system,” said Maile Keone, president and CEO of Listen Technologies. “ListenIR is a tried-and-true solution that delivers exceptional sound clarity and supports multiple applications. Our partners regularly recommend ListenIR because they know it consistently performs well and is backed by Listen Technologies’ support.”


How It Works


ListenIR systems include a multi-channel transmitter, iDSP software, receivers, and ear speakers, headphones, or earbuds. Venue audio from an AV system, speaker/presenter microphone, or sound system is routed to a transmitter. The transmitter receives and amplifies the incoming audio signal and broadcasts it via infrared light to associated receivers that users wear on lanyards around their necks. Listeners can hear the audio transmitted to the receiver with headphones or earbuds attached to the receiver. They also can use an integrated neck loop lanyard to listen through a t-coil-equipped hearing aid or cochlear implant.


ListenIR is ideal for conference centers, classrooms, courtrooms, and boardrooms where confidentiality is critical since there is no spillover into adjacent rooms. ListenIR receivers can also be used with other manufacturer’s transmitters/radiators. This is helpful for venues with competing infrared systems that want to acquire more receivers but can no longer procure them through the original manufacturer. 


Additional Features and Benefits


  • Thoughtfully-designed receivers – ListenIR receivers are small and lightweight. They are constructed with low loss, impact-resistant, infrared transparent materials that allow the receiver to pick up infrared light from all directions for the best reception.


  • Easy to use management software – ListenIR is simple to install, manage, and maintain. The Listen iDSP software suite makes it easy to configure receivers and customize channel names, run diagnostics, update firmware, manage inventory and guest check-in and check-out of receivers.


  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant – A neck loop/lanyard is available for venues to offer listeners with cochlear implants or hearing aids with a telecoil.


  • Extended battery life – ListenIR receivers incorporate advanced, non-proprietary rechargeable batteries that offer long life and reliable power.




All ListenIR products are in stock and available to ship globally. To learn more about ListenIR and experience its full functionality, please visit Listen Technologies at ISE 2023 in Booth 3P750. 


About Listen Technologies   


Listen Technologies enriches lives by providing assistive listening and communication solutions so everyone can hear clearly and share the same great experience. Listen’s innovative products serve those with hearing loss and enable inclusive experiences for all guests. Listen solutions are used in various venues and settings, including houses of worship, higher education facilities, performing arts centers, courtrooms, tours, and manufacturing plants. Our vision is to improve life’s experiences through sound by providing exceptional audio anytime, anywhere, on any platform. To learn more about how Listen Technologies delivers a better way to hear the world,       


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