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Tao Group’s Newest Restaurant Opens with Custom 1 SOUND at Caesars Palace

The newest Tao Group dining experience is outfitted with custom 1 SOUND loudspeakers at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV.

National Technology Associates works with 1 SOUND’s Custom Shop on the audio system for Tao Group Hospitality’s newest upscale dining experience, Stanton Social Prime located in Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Designed by renowned architecture and design firm Rockwell Group, the 200-seat space draws inspiration from the original restaurant on New York’s Lower East Side and the Las Vegas Strip, with a modern nod to Art Deco style and dramatic showmanship. Understanding these aesthetic goals for the client, National Technology Associates, in charge of the audio design and installation, utilized 1 SOUND’s Custom Shop to match the Cannon Loudspeakers and their C-Clamps to the restaurant’s interior.

This audio design uses Cannon C6s with Floor Sub FSUB45s hidden under banquets in the main areas, providing the SPL needed to achieve the “energetic” atmosphere the restaurant was striving for. Cannon C5s were installed in the two private dining rooms. The sound quality and capability of the Cannon Series provide the sonic intelligibility fit for a proper Tao Group dining experience.

“Guests will be able to experience high-energy dining. They’re going to get great food, great hospitality but it’s going to be a really upbeat atmosphere. We like to say we throw a party every night.”Chef Chris Santos

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