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The Benefits of CEDIA Membership

CEDIA membership benefits extend well beyond the main-stage event.

The Benefits of CEDIA Membership

Nov 6, 2014 6:12 PM

We hear from people in the industry all the time that they didn’t realize the extensive line of benefits that come with being a CEDIA member. CEDIA membership benefits extend well beyond the main-stage event.

The Finder Service

CEDIA members are placed in the online Electronic Lifestyles Finder Service, available on CEDIA’s new consumer site ( Homeowners, architects, builders, and other related trades can search for an electronic systems contractor in any area where CEDIA members do business.

CEDIA members with CEDIA-certified team members are able to utilize the functionality of the new enhanced listings feature. These listings are the perfect “first handshake” to potential clients. With the option to upload your company logo and two project images, you can put your best face forward as consumers are looking for the right company to help achieve the goals of their home technology projects.

Training Tools

The Work in Process Schedule: This template comes with an accompanying white paper and webinar that can help you develop a work in process template for your business so you can easily track true profitability.

Technician Bonus Plan: This is an example of a program developed by a home technology professional company. Does your company offer a bonus plan? Do you even know what that would look like? Get a detailed look at how this company structured their plan and gain ideas to develop a program for your business.

Time Card Template: This is an Excel template that can be used to develop timecards for your employees. This template corresponds with a webinar and white paper that cover tracking employee productivity.

Dig in with the Data

CEDIA members enjoy an abridged version of the CEDIA Benchmarking Survey that outlines the business performance and operations of home technology professional companies in the U.S. and Canada for the identification of benchmarks, trends, and best practices in the following categories: strategic and business planning, financial management, operations, project management, marketing and sales.

Learn more about becoming a member at

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