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LG Evo debuts at CES 2021

LG brings brighter OLED TVs

LG Evo

The LG Evo (above second from left) is an all-new panel re-engineered to improve light output.

For years LGD’s flagship OLED panels have remained essentially unchanged, while LCD TVs continued to improve. Peak light output on the brightest LCDs is more than double that of OLEDs available now, with the extra support for picture quality and HDR that enables.

As CNET reports, Mini-LED-powered LCDs like Samsung’s Neo QLED and LG’s own QNED promise to further widen the gap.

The Lineup

Z1 series: The flagship of LG’s 2021 OLED lineup is only available in the two sizes–the big ones. That’s the only OLED you can buy with 8K resolution and it does not encompass the new Evo panel. The 77-inch size will get the same Gallery design as the G1. The 88-inch version cost $30,000 last year, so that’s a ballpark.

LG Evo
LG Evo G1

G1 series: The G stands for Gallery–that slim, wall-hugging design from last year. The biggest upgrade is the incorporation of the Evo panel. The only way to get this new, brighter panel is to buy its G1 series. Evo TVs have a new luminous element, which LG described as a new layer of green, designed to provide more color purity and an unspecified amount of extra brightness. The Gallery Series also has a new hospitality range for hotels that does not feature the Evo panel but does have upgraded features for hospitality applications.

The G1 and Z1 models also have a newly designed remote that includes separate buttons for all three voice assistants built into the TV — Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and LG’s own ThinQ system, plus  hotkeys for more streaming services.

C1 series: This series continues to be the baseline with the most sizes and LG’s latest 4K processor. For 2021 LG adds a new size–83 inches–to keep up with the influx of 85-inch LCD TVs from competitors. LG has upgraded its A9 processor again to the fourth generation, adding scene detection and upgrading object enhancement.

A1 series: As LG’s least expensive 2021 OLED TV, the main difference between the A1 and C1 is a less impressive processor. (In previous years LG gave its entry-level OLEDs a “B” moniker).

In addition to new gaming capabilities for all the OLED TVs, LG introduced a new stand for some models.

Gallery stand: A new option for the 55- and 65-inch sizes in the G1, C1 and A1 series is a modern-looking freestanding stand that is simply, a stand. No room for additional components (or board games).



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