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Case Study: Zones, WA

Zones is a global IT solution provider that delivers products and services to help companies complete their digital transformation. Headquartered in Auburn, Washington, Zones operates in more than 100 countries. In recent years, Zones faced a common technology challenge:...


Case Study: The Beach Company, CA

When The Beach Company, a 75-year-old real estate development firm in Charleston, South Carolina, decided to relocate and modernize its headquarters, a brand new downtown mixed-use building called The Jasper presented the ideal location. The highly visible Charleston business...


Case Study: NFL Draft, OH

For the spring 2021 Draft, 32 NFL teams used the TVU Anywhere remote production app and TVU Grid, a cloud-based video distribution network, for footage of their Draft rooms during the three-day draft that began on April 29. Plus,...

On The Circuit

Cynthia Wisehart on Remote Schooling

As we go to press, the FCC announced $7 billion with a B to improve remote access for American students. Where there is money, there is opportunity. Not always in a good way. As we know, remote learning is...




Virtual Presence

In June, Almo Professional A/V announced an exclusive partnership with ARHT Media. The company is the global leader in the development, production and transmission of high-quality, low latency hologram...