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ProAV Today

Meet the Architect: OPEN at Chapel of Sound

Last month, Beijing-based architect OPEN poured the concrete for the roof of their spectacular Chapel of Sound. The boulder-shaped concert hall sits in a rocky valley at the foot of Jinshanling Great Wall on Beijing’s northern border. Inside the...


Tech Roundup: Drones for AV 2019

Since we began hearing about their military use in regional conflicts nearly thirty years ago, drones have been a target of fascination and they have grown as a source of fun, annoyance, promise and danger. When the old hobby...

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Video Display

Tech Roundup: Video Walls

Innovation has transformed this product category, which seemed headed to commoditization not so long ago. Consider the rise of screen culture where screens are integrated into nearly every part of life, including communications on large and small scales, and...


Case Study: Hutton Hotel, Nashville

Nashville’s iconic Hutton Hotel recently completed work on a new live music venue, alongside “Writers Studios” production rooms conceived by acclaimed musicians Dierks Bentley and Ryan Tedder. The 5,000 square-foot Analog music venue and cocktail lounge is two stories...