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Conferencing / Collaboration

Microsoft VASA-1

For those who wish to participate in video calls without being on camera, Microsoft has already added customizable 3D avatars to Teams. The company isn’t stopping there, however. VASA-1 is a newly announced feature that Microsoft is working on...

Conferencing / Collaboration

Zoom Workplace

Zoom Workplace is Zoom’s new AI-powered, open collaboration platform. Among the new features are AI Companion for Zoom Phone and extended capabilities with Ask AI Companion, and a refreshed look within the Zoom app. Ask AI Companion is an...

Conferencing / Collaboration

Zoom + Apple Vision Pro

Zoom has revealed some information about their app for the Apple Vision Pro, now available. Users who are participating in a Zoom meeting via their Apple Vision Pro will be represented by a “Persona.” Instead of a cartoonish avatar,...

Conferencing / Collaboration

Hall Technologies WFH-KIT

The HT-WebCam-4K-AI includes a 4K camera that delivers 30 fps video and features an ultra-wide-angle lens, auto color correction, auto white balance, and auto framing (which you can turn off, if needed). Plus, there’s the HT-Satellite-DOCK, a docking station...

Conferencing / Collaboration

MAXHUB V6 Classic and V6 ViewPro

The V6 Classic 4K interactive flatpanel is available in four sizes: 55-, 65-, 75-, and 86-inches diagonally, while the V6 ViewPro is available in 65- and 86-inch diagonal form factors. The displays encompass 20 touch points with 2mm touch...




Technology Mythology

I worry a fair bit about bad ideas and misconceptions that get passed on, in full or in part, and then become “common knowledge.” Eventually it’s easier (and less...


June Pro AV Today Top 5 Most Read

Boston Dynamics bids farewell to Atlas All good things must come to an end. Boston Dynamics has posted a video bidding farewell to Atlas, its popular robot that has...


May Pro AV Today Top 5 Most Read

FCC raises internet speed benchmark for the first time in nearly a decade The Federal Communications Commission has raised its internet speed benchmark to 100Mbps down/20Mbps up. This is...