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LG Display delays giant OLED panel factory

The delay could mean a longer wait for larger OLED panels. LG blames pandemic and "global uncertainties."

LG Display has announced that they are delaying the construction of their new 10.5G factory, which means a delay for production of larger OLED panels. In 2017, the Korean display giant announced plans for its first 10.5G factory, which would allow for the mass production of larger and cheaper OLED and LCD panels (since the announcement, LG has decided to cease LCD production entirely).

Currently, LG Display relies on two 8.5G plants for its OLED panel manufacturing. The 10.5G factory would bump up the size of the output considerably, and also enable the production of panels larger than the current 97 inch panels being manufactured. While FlatpanelsHD could not confirm, they have reported Korean news media have declared that the factory investment deadline has been pushed back to 2028.

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In a written statement to the publication, LG Display states, “As a large-sized OLED market leader, LG Display decided to invest in 10.5th generation OLED production facilities to improve production efficiency and to explore new markets with its super-sized OLED panels. However, the market environment has changed significantly due to the unexpected outbreak of COVID-19 and wider global macroeconomic uncertainties. These circumstances have created an environment in which it is difficult to carry out planned investments on schedule. Accordingly, the investment deadline will be extended and related details will be re-disclosed in the event of future changes.”

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